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What's your favorite "The Price Is Right" game? I'm headed to LA for a friend's 30th birthday and we're going to the show's taping on Monday! 

To celebrate, I'd love to just start "bidding $1" on everything I buy: 
"I'd like a Venti Coffee... I bid $1."
"Can you refill my tank with regular unleaded? $1."
"I'd like a burger, medium rare, with fries. $1"

Actually, that last one might pan out at Mickey D's dollar menu. Hmmmm... they should really consider a cross promotion.
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I always used to love the mountain climber game. Plinko was my second favourite. But I couldn't tell you what games are even done anymore, I haven't watched it since I was a kid!
I loved Plinko too. Also the college derivitive, Drinko hah. You make a good point... I should probably study up over the weekend so if I get on the show, I can be at least a little prepared. If not to guess correctly for myself, to shout from the audience!
Good plan! Never played ... oh wait, yes I did, last night ... 
I can't think of any game names anymore (haven't watched since I was a kid), but my mom, grandma, and I would watch it a lot during summers. A lot of good games, but Plinko was definitely their favorite. I'll have to watch some old ones again and see which was mine.
Plinko for sure. I've been meaning to build one for my daughter's playground in our backyard
Just watched the air show today for the first time since Drew took over. 
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