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Rob Jackson
I'm a web/tech entrepreneur from Baltimore, MD
I'm a web/tech entrepreneur from Baltimore, MD

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YES! New Ronald Jenkees album!

Got an e-mail from the Googs and saw Washington DC had some Local Guide meetups, got jealous, and hoping Baltimore folks may pull together and do the same. Have there been any in this group?

I live in Fells Pointer and just joined this community today!

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Can you share how this is determined or counted? 

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Here it is. The most brilliantly idiotic and ironically accurate support page of all-time. I found out the hard way.


Welp, I was attempting to kindly reply to +Chris Sewell's post that called out +Phandroid for accidentally failing to source an image when I suddenly found that he made a new post calling me an asshole and then turned off comments on both posts.

I'd like to say that I think Chris is a good person that means well... but I've given up on that. I've got some opinions and theories, but refuse to waste any more energy toilet-bowling in the black-hole of idiocy that every conversation with him creates.

I've left the original reply I prepared below, but won't waste any more time dealing with him. I'm leaving the comments open, as I've got nothing to hide- errant insults only serve to further prove my point.


+Chris Sewell many of your assumptions are wrong.

The insinuation that an entity can be too small to sue is delightfully ignorant and pretending copyright laws are entirely black-and-white issues suggest you're either uninformed or disingenuous.

On the one hand, I can have a blogger make an honest mistake and then we get sued for $XX,XXX simply because the mistake was made, without regard to the circumstance or details. Yes this has happened to us.

On the other hand, companies with tens of million of dollars in angel investment are building entire businesses based off stealing our content, but because they've got hotshot lawyers and know the loopholes, we're shit-out-of-luck. Yes, I can give you specific examples (feel free to message me).

This issue affects us every day, at both ends. It's just one of the many things we've got to constantly consider while simultaneously facing diabolical hassling for not posting news fast enough and making tiny mistakes or typos.

You'll likely say "cry me a river" or "boohoo" or make some other dismissive comment and that's fine. Perhaps even warranted. I'd just ask people reading this post to realize things are often easier said than done.

While I appreciate the fundamentals behind your criticism and take them to heart, I also take issue with the condescending tone with which you make light of our effort. We work our asses off. We try our best. We could do better. We make mistakes. We fix our mistakes and try to put procedures in place to prevent future mistakes. That last bit we may not do particularly well, but I can and will take personal responsibility for that. We're not perfect, but I'm proud of the work we do and proud of our team.

The amount of tongue-in-cheek dickishness, unwarranted negativity, and elephant walking pageantry in the Android community/blogosphere is nauseating. I try my best to steer clear of it, am tempted by +nick martin's #basemodelblog bait and related +1s, but I'll stay the course.

As you noted, we do correct our mistakes and reply to these accusations with candid vigor... because we care. We're equally invested in trying to do the right thing. We may share a difference of opinion, but I do thank you for the criticism. I wish it was private, but I'll admit you make fair points in defense of posting it publicly. Annoying as hell, but fair.

Thanks again.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some procedural documents to update.

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Product icon for a new Android news app from the folks behind Android Forums and Phandroid. Coded by +Steve Albright and a shout out to +Rob Jackson Great to work with you both.

Grab the app here:

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Can't wait to release this on the Play Store!
So... I have been working with +Rob Jackson and the +Android Forums team on a new application and here is the final icon. 😍 This is a +Michael Cook original! It has been a pleasure working with him as I know I have learned a lot about design with just the design discussion process.

Soon to be released on Google Play Store for everyone to join our beta testing.

Any guesses on what this beautiful Material icon represents? Oh, VIPs on already have had access to this app for a few weeks now. 

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Tomorrow at ISIS training camp...
Animated Photo

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First geolocated mobile game? HAHAHAHAHAH...

That's not only poor form, false advertising, and a terrible marketing gimmick, it also just makes you look like a complete clown. E-mail marked as spam but I wish there was a "marked as idiot" button.

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Explaining cool new Android/Chrome feature? Or auditioning to be the voice artist for the world's most boring movie trailer?

Both, I think.
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