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I feel like many reviewers just rushed to publish reviews ASAP to increase pageviews... I actually spent a full week with the phone and tried to collect actual opinions rather than reciting specs. Hopefully it was worth the time!
Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 worth buying? Find out in our full review!
Our complete Samsung Galaxy S5 Review and video breaks down every detail of the S5 and helps you decide if it's the phone for you. From hardware and specs to software and new features like the finger scanner, heart rate monitor, and weatherproofing- it's all here!
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Hah i wish reviewers would disclose they only spent 24 hrs with a device before reviewing it. 
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Rob Jackson

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If I included all the Camera Tips & Tricks it would be 3500+ ... really enjoy this phone!
See 35+ Tips and Tricks for the HTC One M8! This article comes complete with a video and full explanation and steps for each tip.
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Rob Jackson

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I'm not sure if I'm more weird for thinking this or for sharing it.
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Both! Thinking & sharing! Lol! 
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April Fools Day has become over-saturated and too predictable. Next year I'm starting March Idiot Day where I do something to make you feel like an idiot on March 30th, well before the rest of the world chimes in 2 days later.
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Good idea, but then that too is predictable.

We should tie your concept of Idiot Day to a lunar calendar so that its you have to pay attention.

The 3rd Tuesday after the official "Quarter Moon" [full and new moon's are played out] ...but only the next occurrence that is 2 weeks after the Spring equinox.
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Rob Jackson

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$5! Got it!
All it takes is one good (or bad) idea...
Call Jonas Hanway crazy, but after being embarrassed on Shark Tank the entrepreneur's new product has raised $1 Million dollars on Kickstarter. It's called Thumbrella and it's the frenzy that's becoming the next Flappy Bird.
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Punked by Google Chrome auto-complete once again.  If I try to quickly visit Google Analytics ... start typing ... and somehow end up with a Google search for "anal" one more time ... I'm going to lose it.

Seriously though. I'm so used to typing "ana" or "anal" and hitting enter as it auto-completes. Then I clear my cache for whatever reason and without fail, this happens.

The worst is when it happens at Starbucks lol. Kind of funny. All my fault, of course, but I'm always like "Damnit, Google!"
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Ken Liu
What's worse is, on chrome, when you remove just the one term from your search history you get a passive aggressive snarky prompt telling you to use incognito mode next time :)
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Rob Jackson

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How come some cops and firefighters blatantly disregard the law whenever they want? They parked like that because it was the closest possible place to park for getting food at panera. There is a huge empty parking lot 20 yards away. They're creating a traffic jam and a safety hazard which is exactly why the no stopping sign is there in the first place.

I almost hope they cause an accident just to make the point. They do this every single day and I see it allllll the time other places too. For real... just follow the rules, set an example, and stop making you and your colleagues look like assholes! 
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Call the police 
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Rob Jackson

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This is why I hate mainstream media.
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+Don Dudas you're correct. Accurate and intentionally misleading. They're supposed to be journalists telling a story not salesman trying to sell a product. They're doing the latter and their product is propaganda. 

It's easy to pick on Fox News but it happens across the board to a shameful degree.
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Rob Jackson

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Some good ones in there.
Best Android apps from the month of March

It's impossible to keep track of every new app. Don't worry, we've got you covered. These are the best apps from March!

Full list:
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Rob Jackson

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I'm trying to create a routine that doesn't let me slack and this should help on both the fitness and dietary health side of things:

* Wake up every morning and walk to Starbucks (.7 miles)
* Catch up completely on transactional e-mails
* Walk to grocery store (.1 mile)
* Buy lunch/dinner for that day/night (healthy!)
* Walk home (.8 miles)

If I can do this daily, I think I've won half the battle. I'll be starting my day right, getting some excercise, and making sure I don't end up eating unhealthy food. I think this tiny bit of activity will likely make me more anxious to exercise later in the day. It's so easy to get sucked into ordering food or dining out, but this should prevent that...

Now... any apps that can help me stick to this? I've heard of some that let you set goals for yourself and if you don't reach them it posts to your social networks shaming you. Good self-motivator. Can't remember the names, though.

Any other good ideas for routines to stick to the fitness guns? Or routines in general? Maybe something that electrocutes me if I haven't been active enough for the day? LOL.
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My fitness pal.... Works great for me!!!! 
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At some point I hope to get my personal website up and running, but there are about 10 million other projects on my running idea slash progress list. My mind is always on overdrive - which is not only a gift and a curse - but also one of the reasons my company is named Neverstill.
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