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All registered for Google I/O 2012! The signup process was way easier this year and works flawlessly! #io12
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Did you get the spinny "checking for tickets" for a long time?
No luck here... :( "No tickets available" message 3 times now. But i'm trying again. :)
I had a few tabs open at a time trying. If it says "No tickets available" try again, it will let you in after a bit
I was literally refreshing and had to have been in the system with 10 seconds. No way...
It would have been less than 30 seconds, if they are sold out. I clicked 'register' within the first second the button became available. I can't image them being sold out in 1 second.
if your stuck spinning, open a new tab to the reg page and try again
What are you smoking? I was there at the top of the hour and four minutes later it tells me there are no tickets available, which was obviously untrue. Then I go about refreshing and being rejected to the next 26 minutes. Easy? I guess in the sense that falling off a log is easy. It was also just as flawless as falling off a log...
+Philip Jaques I noticed immediately from the #io12 trend that my experience did not echo the experience others had. From what it sounds like, the process was slightly better than last year, but still a whole lot of fail.
Well, at least there is something to be said for incremental improvement. :) Anyway, sorry for the inflammatory post. My rejections are still stinging a little.
Did you play with that I/O Ball game they released? I think it has something to do with your chances of getting tickets...
Its possible, I had created one although it was still very painful to get tickets. I think it was pure luck.
I played with the ball thing, but really..... it's just playing with a game. It's not even a game that required any major skills of logic or deduction. I'd be insulted if that really had any bearing at all. I'm with Kirk. I really feel like it was a case of the reg servers choking on all the hits and then people making it through the bottleneck now and then to grab a ticket.
Yeah, they probably should've gone with their coding requirement and maybe made it so you had to code the pieces of the ball thing to get the ball into the destination. Of course, I never did well in Geometry so that wouldn't have helped me...
+Rob Isakson Yeah, if you built and shared those 'machines' and got in right away without issue I would say they were looking for you to register and the machines were the programming challenge. That plus the fact you have been a long term user of Google+ and didn't just signup to grab I/O tickets.
Reports are that at 10:01am, Google's servers were being hit with 6,250 queries per second. That'd explain it...
+Rob Isakson Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a ticket, so it may not happen. Let me see if I can swing a bay area trip for that time frame.
Its funny, it seems like there are a high percentage of academic tickets available on eBay - I guess you didn't have to be a student to buy them: just to get in... I'm very excited to be able to go and if it makes anyone feel better, this is my first year going and my last. If I hadn't gotten tickets, I don't think I would've been able to go in future years - just a timing thing with work. In addition, I'm bringing my family to SF (we live in GA) which will be a great trip for them as we probably won't get to CA again soon. In addition, my sister in law will have given birth to their first child, so we'll trek up to Los Angeles and be able to see them which should be special.
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