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How many people who successfully got a ticket played with the I/O Game they released a few weeks ago? I'm thinking that if you shared one of your creations, it increased your chances of getting a ticket. If you didn't get a ticket, did you tinker with the I/O Game? #io12 .
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Yeah, I was wondering that myself. I had a few creations I shared and got a ticket, although it was 17 minutes into the process. Admittedly it wasn't a very cool machine but it worked with all balls. Maybe if it was cooler I would have got a ticket sooner. I think Input/Output Game and the Google+ requirement was telling of their intentions. Obviously if they said you must complete and share one machine to be eligible it would have undermined the process.
Nicely done! Not exactly scientific proof of the I/O machines being used to prioritize tickets but I have clicked around on people that didn't get tickets that said they tried consistently for 20+ minutes and found many with empty Google+ accounts and no shared machines....
Yea, I talked with a few people too and it doesn't seem to affect a person's chances.
What about if you inadvertently uploaded a low quality version of your video to YouTube, but then later, realized it and re-uploaded the same thing in a higher quality version? No?
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