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Rob Hoffmann
I'm just this unverified-by-Google guy, you know?
I'm just this unverified-by-Google guy, you know?

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I'm completely confused. Chrome 52 for 64-bit Windows had built-in Google Cast. Chrome 53, installed tonight, has fallen back to the extension.

What the hell is going on here?

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With the "resignation" (rumored to be firing) of G+'s biggest advocate, it appears we are on a dead service walking...

Someone else is going to have to come up with the Facebook-killer.  G+ turned out to be another half-hearted Google failure...

I see a timeline here, but I'm not sure I see a lot of people. 

I really wonder how many people here are doing what I'm doing... waiting for the End of Days at Facebook and preparing the landing pad here... :)

So... anyone out here?

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There is nothing significant about this number (unless you believe there is), so why was I taking a picture of it while driving I-95 in #RVA?

Hell if I know...

(Yeah, I went there)

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I wrote some stuff, and Wordpress's automatic publicity tool didn't do anything.  So here it is.  Click if you're so inclined.

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I have come to the realization that the only thing I do on G+ is delete the insane lists of "suggested" users... apparently, Google plans to show me every G+ user as a suggested contact, roughly 100 at a time.

That takes all of the time I've allocated to G+ on most days... :)

Wow.  Congratulations to Google+ for swiping Facebook's Timeline design...

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We all love a good laugh, and local news provides the perfect breeding ground for epic bloopers! Thanks to +YouTube channel FunnyLocalNews, we have a compilation of the most cringe-worthy and hilarious news bloopers of 2012. 

For more bloopers:

What is your favorite blooper in the video?
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