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Ingress vs Pokémon
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Nailed it!
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My prize from the +Anker competition arrived today. That's a sweet-looking cable! 
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+NIA Ops​ Please ban this account ASAP. 
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Yeah, I've not been helping in that manner...
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Now I understand. - Crafted from the finest Internets.
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Rip-off central. I'm not going to post a URL but if you know anyone who gets anything from tell them to steer well clear of the chargers.

They're charging £35 for a 2600 mAh battery with a fancy cover. I know Ingress players will be more savvy than that, but others might not be.

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+Kevin Gibson​'s just mad that there's 🦄,💩,😂&🍆but no 🐬... +Daisy the dolphin​ will kill! (still, she does that already right?)
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I'm sorry too.
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This is a really superb bit of Ingress field art. Well done to all involved!
Hello agents. I'm Susanna Moyer and this is the Ingress report. Just joking :)

I would like to tell you about about field-art operation in Lviv, Ukraine.

Operation"Susanna Moyer medal"

Once we met with agent @pro100tery and he proposed to launch an art operation. Task wasn't so easy but we had an experience in field art portrait. Agents in local community were so excited. So we decided to choose a day and started preparation.

Idea - @blackOleg, @pro100tery
Organization and planning - @ant0n, @blackOleg
Intel: @ant0n

Agents involved

@ant0n +Anton Budishevskii
@pro1OOtery +Роман Вознічка
@sturman +Roman Isko
@FerretLviv +Ferret Lviv
@Adanos +Andriy Mykhailiuk
@DANskiy +Andriy Fedchenko
@asov +Anatoliy Sovyak
@LadyYu +Julia Sovyak
@Drru +Oleg Dutsyak

48 minutes
191 link
89 fields

Size - 1.5x1.4 km

Follow us on Instagram @resistance.lviv

#Ingress #Resistance #sitrep #ResistanceUkraine #Ukraine
#МамоКупиРізанийБатон #fieldArt


+Ingress +Ingress Resistance Ukraine +Anne Beuttenmüller +Susanna Moyer +Matilde Tusberti +Niantic Project +NIA Ops 
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Nailed it.
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Sorry for the spam :/
Calling all Agents! Anker and Ingress have teamed up to keep you on the go with the latest portable charging technology. Click here now to enter. Open to US, UK and Germany.
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Shootin' the Blue which a Roman Road goes blue, a hill disappears and a daring escape is made.

To the South East of London lies Shooters Hill. One of the highest points in the capital, I am told it takes its name from the practice of archery in the Middle Ages, but it wasn't archery that drew me and five other agents there on a warm June morning.

Over the previous few weeks, members of the local Resistance had procured keys for two particular portals. A couple here... a couple there... maybe deploying those useful devices known as "multihacks" to ensure a large haul. Our goal was to obtain sufficient keys that we could use Shooters Hill Road - built over the old Roman course known as Watling Street to build as many layers as possible.

On the morning of 11 June, three teams set out in horseless carriages. One came from the historical site of Brixi's Stone, one from the Isle of Dogs and one from the nearby village once known as Ealdham. I had booked carriage in the latter.

My chambermaid Anne Droid roused me especially early, and so at 5.30am I was ready when my carriage arrived. Our goal was to remove some links that threatened to embarrass our plans. These were duly removed, but the larger embarrassment was the torrent of ordure pouring down Well Hall Road. The town crier insisted this was the result of a broken water main, and yet I was not the only one who noticed the ordure emanated from close to the known dwelling of a certain local gentleman claiming "enlightenment". I shall curtail further speculation on the origin of said ordure.

A rendezvous between the three teams had been arranged at a marketplace in Welling, an ancient hamlet, although opinions differ on the origin of its name. Contact was made, keys and weaponry exchanged, and then the game was truly afoot! At this point I transferred into the carriage from the Isle of Dogs. Our initial aim was to secure the northern anchor for the Resistance. The brightly coloured Brougham from Brixi's Stone headed to the south, and the Barouche from Ealdham continued to remove blocking links - both blue and green in colour.

Both anchors were duly secured, but at this point, Alarm! A local "frog" was observed only 500m away from our location at the northern anchor! The gentleman concerned did not appear to possess great knowledge of making fields and was content to amble around a series of neutral portals. Nevertheless, my carriage was enjoined to remain at our location lest the frog leap to our location, and it was the Ealdham pair that were dispatched to chase the gentleman off - a task its passengers achieved with distinction!

That brief interruption over, removal of all blocking links continued and at around 8.30, I was privileged to be the one to link the two anchors.

Thereafter our teams were able to encourage their transports up and over the hill, throwing links and making fields as they went. Before long, the old Roman road and indeed the whole Hill were shrouded in deepest, most beautiful blue.

Alas at this point, tragedy stuck! The owners of the Ealdham Barouche, well known for their delightful Pugs, those cheeky members of the canine family, had heard through Electronic Telegram that two of their charges had achieved an unauthorised absence from their home! Celebrations on our achievement were thus delayed while agents headed with due speed to their last known location - only to discover that the two dogs - "Skye" and "Booboo" had been recovered safely.

This agent then headed home, safe in the knowledge that a successful operation had been enacted. We had secured around 470K Mind Units for the Resistance, with 32 layers down that old Roman road: a splendid result!

5/6 Top agents in NR-02-HOTEL-12



Key Farmers


#ReswueIsAwesome #LostBoroughs / #LostTowns / #LostHills / #LostRomanRoads
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+David Buck I'd love to be part of one of your ops - your gang do great work all the time!
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When you have a moment free from banning legitimate players like +Fenris Wolf​ could you please take a look at the attached, +NIA Ops​? And then fix your algorithm. 
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It would be really hard for them to add a filter to comms messages to catch known URLs & review, then ban accounts & delete messages... right? Oh, no.
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Yes, this could be a natural phenomenon, but it's weird how these videos only appear around areas in which fracking is taking place.
Australian South West Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham sets a river on fire in an attempt to prove it is being affected by fracking.
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