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Business & Life Coaches, Advisors & Mentors. This is a shared circle I have curated of professionals on Google+ who are involved in mentoring, coaching or advising small businesses. I first posted this a few months ago and it was well received, but is actually a little smaller now - I have eliminated people who aren't active or don't seem to engage much with others here.

Lots of people with small business and startups here, so I hope some find this useful. There are a wide variety of different orientations and approaches among these coaches but they all provide interesting perspectives. Please also know anyone else you think should be added here - I will republish this from time to time, and I almost certainly left some people out who should be included heret.

p.s. I am naturally interested in having some of these folks involved in the Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative - please read my profile for more information on that initiative and contact me if interested.

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