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*Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business Owners

UPDATED SHARED CIRCLE: Part 1 of 2: A through L (by last name).

Link to Part (M-Z):
Link to Supplemental 1:
Link to Supplemental 2:
Like to Supplemental 3:

NOTE:  This circle is no longer maintained in its present form but is still a good place to start if you are looking for entrepreneurs to follow and connect with here.  It has mostly been replace with a Google+ community of the same name that you can find at
This is the most recent update to the popular "entrepreneurs" circle that posted a few months ago. As you can see, it has gotten bigger than 500 people so I have had to split it alphabetically into two parts. These two circles includes the self employed, small business owners, independent contractors, small startup companies and pretty much anyone trying to make it outside of the traditional economy.

This is different from the other business circles of this type in that it doesn't include too many of the "celebrity entrepreneurs" and instead has mostly people with their own business or venture. There are more than 800 people here, but this has been reviewed extensively since it was last published -lots of fantastic new people have been added, and some have been dropped - mostly because they don't interact much. The end result is a circle of really awesome business people who actively interact with others here and have a small business or entreprenueral mindset.

This is a really diverse group and includes entrepreneurs of all stripes - some have well established ventures and are wildly successful, others are just getting started and haven't made it yet. As can be expected, it is a little tech heavy, but represents most industries and many different types of business. There are even a handful of people here who have traditional jobs, but seem to have an interest in small business issues and always seem welcome to help entrepreneurial efforts. The people in these circles post all manner of things - not just business, but all are smart and interesting people so I recommend that you check this out.

I do want to add the disclaimer that this is in no way "definitive" - there are millions of entrepreneurs on Google+ and this is just a tiny fraction of them - the ones I have curated. It seems that about two seconds after I publish this I always remember someone I should have included so just me know if you think you should be here. I republish this periodically and generally add everyone who comments on the post.

As with all circles of this size I would use some discretion in adding this - either update your existing circle, pick and choose the ones you like or use these as a trial circles - whatever works for you. I'm not even sure Google will let you add all this many names at once so you may have to come back if you want to add all of them. The technology for this is not perfect, but I am trying to do my part to help build a highly interconnected community of entrepreneurs here on Google+.

I hope you find the people in this circle interesting.


Reshares welcome and appreciated

IMPORTANT: You don't want to follow people based on where their last name fits in the alphabit do you? Make sure you also take a look at the second part of this list:

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Woooo.. look at all us people with way too much time on our hands right? :D
BLOCKED (after I say thank you!) ;o)
Rob, Thank you so much! I appreciate this.
+Rob Gordon Thanks for the inclusion and for the great circle..Will add and share
Thanks! added the circle back. I'm actually looking for some people to share some of my posts so this fits perfect. Anyone mind doing that? I'm testing an SEO theory.
+Amanda Blain Maybe - I have to get back to real work now!

Thanks for the thanks everybody - and for the reshares. These things are a bit of a pain to compile so that is appreciated.
I would like to say ´Blocked´ as well, but I must have missed on the inside joke +Rob Gordon
Good share as it represents a common interest and is handpicked. Nice illustration of my share of +Amanda Blain´s post about circle management.
Thanks Rob! Looking forward to this.

For some reason though even though I haven't added anyone in weeks, I'm getting the error that I've surpassed the daily limit for adding people to my circles. I can't add either of these. It's weird. I hope it lets me add them tomorrow.
Appreciate the inclusion, Rob.
+Rob Gordon I see you are curating a circle set (my last name is a B name) so I'd like in as I am self-employed and I help other businesses use G+ & Video (Video SEO) better.

And I'm very active on G+ as well. Thanks!
+Ronnie Bincer I add pretty much anyone who asks as long as their profile indicates some business interests. The way circles work though is I can't do it until the next time I publish, but I do it with this one periodically.
I'm not sure if it's the double-barreled name, the fact that I live North of San Diego, or something that I said +Rob Gordon. However since I'm included in neither circle I'm confused as to why I was tagged. I fit the profile—it must have been something that I said.
FYI peeps - saying BLOCKED is an inside joke. No worries.
+Colin Lucas-Mudd Have no idea how that happened. I made the alerts from the people I have added so you should have been in it. I must have inadvertently skipped your name when I was splitting the circle last night. As I mentioned, you are in my top priority circle so I am annoyed that I had this misfire. Everyone reading this should add +Colin Lucas-Mudd immediately - he is awesome.
Why thank you +Jack C Crawford. Given that I would seem to fit the profile as detailed rather more tightly than many here, people who I know personally in several cases, this would seem like a solid vote.

No worries, as you, I like tags. They are useful and time saving. Having some relevance does help though.
Why thank you +Rob Gordon. I am aware that you know my warped sense of cynical humour well. Thus the comment. I'm delighted that my omission was not based upon the fact that I'm a Brit with the nerve to live in San Diego.

Seriously, it's understandable. With a name that is hyphenated and sits on the boundary of your split I can fully understand.
+Colin Lucas-Mudd I made those alerts from by big entrepreneurs circle, but when I splitting them I accidentally hit the x on one of them and it dropped off. It was an "oh f.." moment, but there was no way to go back and see who it was. I'm afraid you were the unlucky reverse lottery winner, which is unfortunate because you are one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs here. I will make it up to you somehow.
+Rob Gordon I totally understand re. the update of the circle members only happens when you can get to it efficiently. Feel free to look at my profile and verify my activity, etc. Thanks for your consideration for adding me.
Hey +Rob Gordon... Seriously, no worries. Let's get together for lunch. My treat. We can chat about how simple it would be to make circle management so much easier. Then next week when I'm in the Bay Area I'll deliver the results of our deliberations in person. :-) Ping me directly and let's set a venue.
Love the clarification on the alerting ... all is good.
By the way, there was a t r o l l on another thread who got really bent out of shape over being notified. Derailed the discussion of how to make a difference in this world. Go figure.
In my opinion, notification is a wonderful tool. Most of the world has been trained to hate email from strangers (mostly spam), but for me, I really don't care. Email is not private. So why should I expect privacy in public messaging systems like G+?
Those are my two cents.
A good 2 cents too +Jack C Crawford. I was tempted to block +Rob Gordon, but only for a moment. Yeah, right! Seriously, those of us who engage publicly must anticipate, expect, and embrace public engagement.
Whenever I ping a small circle there is always someone complaining and the problem is that I usually forgot in which circle he was so a month later the same happens.
Anyway I guess everyone actually reading this thread by now has handpicked +Colin Lucas-Mudd so mission accomplished (did you know you show up in 11 circles of mine by now?)
Circle organization discussion over here btw:
Hi +Rob Gordon
For some reason I wasn't included in your circle, but I was notified? Can you advise? Thanks :)
Thanks +Rob Gordon If you click on the "view post" it brings up a screen where you can search for your name. Maybe I was added after the share? No big deal. Thanks for the kind thought :)
Ah, thank you. Apologies :)
Thanks +Max Huijgen. Big smile. Eleven? Wow! I'm so very sorry. You're only in 9 of mine. As to the problem, it needs a solution. +Rob Gordon is a great guy and working hard to get around issues that are simple to solve—aren't we all. Thanks guys and gals.
+Shaker Cherukuri If any of these people are already in your circles, they will not count towards your 5000 limit.
Thanks for adding me to the circle, +Rob Gordon ! Drat, I need to clean house again before I can add it myself. +Jan Kabili I watched your Photoshop Show last night. Very kewl! I've always wanted to learn more about layer masking
+Shaker Cherukuri to answer your question, one person in 10 circles counts as one person. You can add the same person to as many circles as you like.
+Colin Lucas-Mudd I have you in three circles! and will add you to this one. Oops, I forgot I can't add the circle!
Thanks so much for including me in this amazing circle, +Rob Gordon. I've just had a ton of new folks add me in the last day and I was wondering who to thank for that. Obviously, it was YOU.
Thank you! This is a great idea and much appreciated.
I'm saving the link to this post for when G+ gets it act back together.
Thank you so much, Rob! I appreciate this.
+Siamak Kazemi Sure - but people won't be able to get it till the next time I publish. I do intend to start organizing more hangouts and sharing information just to those circles, so you will be on the lists for that.
Thanks +Rob Gordon. I appreciate it. I have to update my profile so they know what I do. Cheers.
+Rob Gordon Thanks for including me in this circle with so many great people. I've had to slow down adding circles since I'm reaching the limit, but I'll add back anyone from this group if they message me telling me they were in this circle.
Also if you plan on any more updates, +Kokayi Nosakhere , a friend of mine who's getting started here, would be a great addition. Thanks
Thanks +Rob Gordon for including in this circle with all the motivated small business entrepreneurs!
I agree 100% with this circle because it contains entrepreneurs whose last names are A through L +Rob Gordon
Hey everybody - a few quick thoughts - I will post about late but will mentions in the comments here first. There are a few initiatives we can get going here that I think will help all of us.

First, I want to get back to organizing hangouts - a video conference isn't exactly the same as meeting someone in public, but it is the next best thing. I have organized several and while there are always technical glitches I think they are worthwhile. I have stopped doing this for the last few weeks but am going to try again with hangouts that are limited to the 800 plus people in these circles (and the new ones). Probably the same approach I was starting to take before - informal "coffee break" and "happy hour" hangouts as well as special topic ones, like the "Crowd Funding" discussion we had. Different times to try to accommodate different time zones. I am shooting for Tuesday at 10AM PDT for the next one.

Second issue, not as major, but I think we should start to think about standardizing tags for our business posts. Google seems to be em phasing this more but we are not all interested in Justin Bieber. I have been using #smallbusiness and #entrepreneur but I don't know if many others are - was thinking of using "entrepreneurs" (plural). We probably never will make the "trending on Google+" list, but it might be useful to have a set of tags on issues that interest us.

Ok, sorry about this business interruption. I will get back to posting animated cat gifs now.
valid point. thanks for keeping the fort organized.
I forgot - I am also using #startups and #crowdfunding - if anyone has any other business tags they use, or would like to use, let me know. I would like to compile a list.
+Michael Bernstein Those plurals are tripping me up. Do the "startups" tag and the "startup" tag produce the same stream?
+Rob Gordon Regarding hashtags - 'small business' is a more common term than 'entrepreneur.'

So, if plussers behave anything like 'normal' people, they'd be searching for #smallbusiness more often than for #entrepreneur (3 times as many searches in normal web search).

And they'd be searching for #entrepreneur more often than #entrepreneurs .
One more idea: we could always add #justinbieber to our biz posts for a better chance to make the hot list. :-)
+Ralf Skirr - ok, I guess that was partly and SEO approach and partly tags for our convenience - some of the tagged posts wont even be public. I was trying to come up with something describe the people with an entrepreneurial orientation as described by this shared circles, and thought the entrepreneurs" plural tag would be good. I realize this is a minute issue but I appreciate the feedback.
+Rob Gordon if it is mainly for internal use then I would suggest the shorter word works best for us which would be #startup
I guess I am late to the party. Thanks so much for including me Rob!!
Hey this is great. Web, Globalization = a new surge of Entrepreneurs. I'm all for that. More inventions, creative thought. Thank you so much for this circle.
+Rob Gordon I have no clue in how I missed my inclusion in this circle. Better late then never but thank you very much sir!
Hi +Rob Gordon Thank you for making the time to build these two shared circles. When you do your next update, I'd appreciate being added. (Small business owner)
Glad to have found you tonight, +Rob Gordon. Would love to be included in the next update. 
Guess I caught up at just the right time! :)
Making It! Nelson Davis - Small Business Expert - advice and resources for small business, startup, and entrepreneurs.  Pls add me to all business related circles if not already so.  Greatly appreciated and thanks for sharing again!
Any way I can get added to this circle +Rob Gordon? I've worked with websites and development for 15 years now. I also have extensive experience working with traditional SEO as well as social media marketing. My website also specializes in tech and PC tutorials. They are all completely free and available to anyone directly through YouTube and within the site.
I would love to be added as well. thanks
May I beg an add from you +Rob Gordon ? I am a small business owner/entrepreneur so hopefully I fit in with these fine people.
Hi +Douglas Shumway - this shared circle has been discontinued - it has been replaced by a community of the same name.  Feel free to join us there. 
which is a pity +Rob Gordon as outside of this community there is a lively interest in small business.
Maybe it's wise to share this circle every month and link to the thriving community
+Max Huijgen and +Max Huijgen - this isn't a community - it is a shared circle - you can't opt in, or opt out, or even make your own post to it.  The communities on Google largely replaced this approach so I used this as the basis for a community of the same name, which is thriving
Please add me to the circle..thank you very much:)
Hi +New Horizons 1 - this circle is no longer being maintained and has been replaced by a community of the same name - please consider joining us there
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