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Sounds like it might be a good idea to do this sometime later.
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I would attend this meeting but it conflicts with my misanthropes anonymous meeting, funny how I'm the only one who ever attends those.
Wow. Tony Stark +1'ed my comment. Who cares if he is "actually" a fictional character, the guy is a fucking GENIUS!
I'll have to remember to set my alarm clock. Later. Maybe. Oh never mind.
Anil Das
Dyslexics, UNTIE!
I'm all in!! Let me just finish reading the other posts in my stream...
I read URINATE first. :))
Definitely not a job for the Live the Day group. Of course, it's the procrastinators who get stuck cleaning up, becuase the Live the day group doesn't believe in tomorrow. Therefor life has no consequences and so they can hardly be held responsible for not cleaning up for a day that was never supposed to come.
yea when you forget about it
words r easy to say but is hard to follow.
I'll join up right after I stop LMAO.

I will join......Day after tomorrow !!!
yeah that sounds good miss test lolzzzzzzz :)!!!!!!!!
This is something i will join, as soon as i can find the time.
I'm putting this on my 'to do (soon...ish)' list.
i think i can get behind that
Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow.
When?? did i miss it already!! Darn, i'll try again some other time lol
Sounds like a great idea I will look into it and get back to you at some point.
Hey people, add me to your circles and i will add you.
I actually have that on my t-shirt.
I will show you now! hmmm....maybe tomorrow
''Nothing is Impossible''
I am doing nothing for 5 years
One day I might get this put on a T-shirt. One day.
I'm...making tea. Sorry - can't unite ;)
I might get around to it later. Not really sure, pretty busy with other stuff today.
o.k. ... let's see ... give me a week ... or so ... ;D
NAh uniting is such hard work can we just think nice thoughts about each other for a couple of minutes? maybe next Thursday?
I would definitely like to join this group at some point in the future...probably.
yea, that seems like a good idea to do... I'll keep that in mind, and later on we could get together sometime....
Its saved my ass numerous times, in high school a teacher told me ti write a paper on it since I was so good at it...never finished it
The procrastination of cleaning my room is like next to impossible
i have that on myipad2 that i belive is my lock screen...;lol
Hmmm, with all the Occupy Some Street activism - Which by the way, I'm prolly going to get-with sometime later, since I've not been able to find time since last year, I'd say we try during the election, or may be, sometime next year. 'like in the beginning of summer perhaps?^^
Can we get a version of this that says, "Dyslexics Untie"?
Leave it to tomorrow............and tomorrow will hand it over to the day after.
Not sure yet, I will tell you later whether I will join in.
How about we make uniting our new years year.
I am toally gonna do this . . . next week

Well, maybe next month

Better yet, next year
i didn't +1 it... because... well, im gonna do that tomorrow ;)
i call leader of the procrastinators
Less busy now, but love to join later. Can u pls post a new comer's handbil.
Ill get to it in a couple days...... or maybe a month or so.
There is also one of these signs only its "Dyslexic people; untie!!"
- -
We have in college class rooms daily 
I'll try to be there. Meanwhile may I post this to my facebook account?
Let's see....I'll decide if I am in,,,
you are looking for friend.? well, hump you ain't the only one.
its a disease and if your bi polar its not easy to get off your butt and do something when you know your ideas and dreams can change the world to be a better place when the people you need to talk to are so far out of reach cant do anything but dream and watch others while we thumble about trying to make change so slowly that people die or we rip another hole in the ozone layer above my country then we all sit back go its a tragedy of epic proportions or when opportunity to buy drug manufacturing plants in India come along no one has the foresight to buy it and kill two birds with one stone shut down one of the two pseudoephedrine (Meth) plants in the world and produce drugs for the poorest and help keep many Indians employed and let the big chemical companys learn to compete for our dollar like all our politicians expect us to do now days guess i am to logical for your own good :) Apollo X
after some careful thinking, i guess i'll go, but don't blame me if i arrive a week late :D
I was going to post this last week.
Why have the meeting tomorrow . . .when U can do it the next day?
wanted to post a nice comment, but ...yeah might do it tomorrow :)
Let's shoot for tomorrow...
There's a funny shirt that looks like that. It says "Dyslexics of the world UNTIE!"
Will share this post, will do it tomorrow....
I'll join whenever I feel like it (sounds like when I do my homework)
This g+, more chatty than fb. Hey i mean fun box... no facebouq or... Sorry me, jst luv the damn site.
Or after tomorrow...tomorrow I will be doing some other things I should do today
I hope I can be there, or maybe next time
or maybe the day after 2morrow?
OK...but give me 5 more minutes then I'm all in.
I do my work at the same time each day. The last minute. Sometimes...
I gave this the 1000'th +1!
I saw this a while back... i procrastinated. I plused it today.
I hate to be a procrastinator, but I can't decide now, I'll do that tomorrow. 
Good stuff. Thanks for finally sharing this.
Count me in, but reminder me tomorrow.
i really like that, i'll decide later to share it... maybe next week... nah, next month .... no maybe...
what??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Like it but will share later ;-)
The Future arrives daily. Just wait and see. :-)
i ll unite at the day after tommorow
Ehhhhh I'll finish reading this tomorrow, Deadliest Catch is on. i'll make it into a cool background year or so...
I guess.
If I want 2.
U know.
Is plus one'ing it like liking it?
Ok, I'll put it on my calendar...
Never put off today what you can do tomorrow, like I
Unite? You mean DO SOMETHING ON TIME?? Forget that
No its supposed to say bad spellers of the world untie
would have been funnier if it said "...soon" or "...someday"
Or maybe the day after that. Or after that. Hey, let's put it off till New Years. 
was gonna protest the 89 % march tomorrow but as u can see im that apathetic a couldn't even correct the number lol .. on a serious note Dont Be Like Me :) ApolloFm
I don't know if I can make it to busy at work
ok let get it started already,
I'm still not quite ready. 
power to the consumer consume less that might work
When are we going to get around to this, anyway? 
uhm, tell you what, I am wide awake now, so right after my nap, I'm going to stare at the internet for a couple of hours, after which I will think about maybe doing something about this in the future.
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