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Conspiracy Theory. "Agenda 21, for those of you not versed in the more ridiculous extremes of wingnuttery, is a conspiracy theory blaming a forced environmental agenda imposed by the United Nations for everything from proposed bike paths in Colorado to manatee-friendly powerboat speed limits in certain Florida waterways... That the means of our destruction consists of providing humans with more bike paths and slower powerboats seems to suggest a plot that is inefficient at best, however, leading once again to the prime dilemma of all such conspiracy theories: how the conspirators can be so all-powerful, and yet so very incompetent, at the same time."
In or about 1929, a state senator from the great state of Tennessee introduced a bill devoted to protecting the citizenry from the fearful menace known as the _bogeyman_. The bill contained no ...
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Mz Maau
It was totally the white mice.
what's hilarious about all this is that the Agenda 21 policy initiative was updated in a post 2000 UN conference, so whatever conern about policies resulting from the 1992 UN meeting of international bureaucrats, should be directed towards the initiatives of the later global governance conferences as well.
And then the economic system collapses because of the lack of regulation... go figure.
funny, I thought the economic collapse was caused by government backed central banks colluding with toxic assets capitulated by the creation and bursting of the housing bubble which was created by the federal reserve's artificially lowering interest rates in an attempt to handle the dot-com bubble

"I was aware that the loosening of mortgage credit terms for subprime borrowers increased financial risk. But I believed then, as now, that the benefits of broadened home ownership are worth the risk."

September 2007, Greenspan's memoir The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in the New World.
From Jeremy's link: "And they understood that there was a problem in the housing market. What they didn't understand was how important the housing market had become to the economy as a whole."

And why didn't they understand? Because of the giant yet mostly unmeasurable shadow derivates market, brought on by deregulation, of course. Anything else is libertarian spin. Try this instead:

"Without derivatives, the complex risks that destroyed Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch, and decimated dozens of banks and insurance companies, including AIG, could not have been hidden from view. Without derivatives, a handful of financial wizards could not have gunned down major mutual funds and pension funds, and then pulled the trigger on their own institutions. Derivatives were the key; they enabled Wall Street to maintain its destructive run until it was too late."
Cherrypicked rubbish. Note this statement at the end: "He was a member Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission and dissented from the majority's report." Not surprising considering the author works for a conservative "think tank" (aka an institution more interested in spewing propaganda that serves its corporate sonsors' interests than seeking truth):
Jeremy, precisely my point, no oversight of the privately owned FED, then on top of that lack of oversight we had the actual gamblers at the table betting against America, ah, the American Way, anything for profit even if it is toxic, and just who writes the laws these day that govern these toxic corporations... ALEC and Company (the toxic corporations)... the very people our government should be protecting us from. In the past thieves and ponzi scheme wranglers would wind up behind bars, but in this ghettoized world it is all about the bling! The shoot horses, don't they?
Whenever you see "Fannie and Freddie" being blamed for the entire financial crises, you know you are dealing with an extremely limited worldview.
Fannie and Freddie are private enterprises, again unregulated.
Trust me, I've done plenty of research into John Birch Society, CATO, Tea Party and all the Agenda 21 conspiracy theorist groups nationally and locally. 
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