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Rob Gordon

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Hmmm - need to think about it a bit.
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Not the man,but the needs the money!
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Rob Gordon

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Good job +Michael Meehan 
Say Hello to the Genius Who Stole My Phone...

Sometimes you just have to love technology. After a house move a months back, I couldn't find my HTC One, a phone I had recently wiped and was using as a camera while I tried out a new Cyanogenmod. Thinking it had been misplaced in the move or simply still in a moving box in the shed, I gave up looking for it since I had another phone. When I recently came back to Android I opened up my Google Drive Photos and lo and behold, there's this guy, complete with selfies and pictures of his home, kids, and what I can only assume is his wife. Judging by the company name on his shirt (the moving company I used) it's not hard to see how he wound up with his new phone. But apparently he had not realized it was on auto backup.

The moving company found him and immediately fired him (and I have removed their logo from this picture) but the thief has neglected to return the phone. So say hello to him now.

  #Android   #GoogleDrive #AutoBackup
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Seriously an idiot. Wow. 
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Melbourne Antiques and Vintage Fair .  Should you happen to find yourself in Melbourne Australia this weekend, you won't want to miss the Melbourne Antiques and Vintage Fair.  Over 30 of the most reputable antique dealers in Australia will be congregating at historic St. Kilda Town for this inaugural event and all items on display or for sale are genuine - nothing on display has been manufactured after 1985.  

Full disclosure - the promoter of this event +Aleta Curry   is a customer of mine and it has been fun to have a role, however small, in helping to plan and promote this event - even though it is on the other side of a rather big ocean.  I know how hard they have worked, so I am wishing Aleta and Martin Curry all the success in the world in pulling this off.  I am rooting for them!
True, vetted Antiques Fair featuring top dealers from across Australia.
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Rob Gordon

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I am a terrible liar,  but I will keep that in mind
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Hey I think I am one of the few to get a warranty replacement after my original iPhone decided to take a drink on New Years.
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Rob Gordon

By Friday I will ...  - 
Yipes!  I am already behind - still trying to learn how to balance client workloads with my need for business development activities - and at the same time keep my life going, but I must try so here goes:

1.  Didn't do all that hot on my "two sessions per day" of client work - since clients are in different phases I should have said "on average".   No real choice but to keep that going - with special attention to one client I have been neglecting.

2.  At least one business development / marketing post - I think I already have them drafted but the timing seemed wrong - will edit and post at least one of them this week.

3.  I still have not gotten to the text / updates for the new website even though it is important - it is probably also a much bigger deal than I thought, so I will just commit to one "session" in the final five days of this week.

4.  An article I read about the data channel in WebRTC has led me to believe that my "pie in the sky" idea for a P2P Social CRM is a possibility.   Make a post on a WebRTC community explaining my situation and the issues, and ask for some technical guidance. 

5.  I have been neglecting my entrepreneur community here - need to get back to more active community management so that it does not suffer the same fate as other large communities here. 

6.  It is no secret that I am "domestically challenged" - and all those challenges I make to myself here about cleaning everyday don't do much good, so I am going easy on myself this week.   Remember that part of "Pulp Fiction" where they had to clean up the bodies in the back of the car, and "the Wolf" told them to just give it a quick go over, so that it wouldn't arouse suspicion if a cop or someone glanced at it quickly.   That is how good I will try to make it this week - I know it is a low bar but just enough so someone could visit and not be too grossed out. 

7.  Didn't do as much exercising as I said I would last week, but I did buy a new bicycle!   The old one had a derailleur that didn't work properly so I got out of riding, but now I want to ride every day.  
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Rob Gordon

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Seriously Google?
It’s either a brilliant idea, or a really misguided attempt at social — it’s hard to say right now. According to a new report, Google is once again making an
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sure serious
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Rob Gordon

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Rockwell updated
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Rob Gordon

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You know, I have always wanted a blue puppy like this myself
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Rob Gordon

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Team Building by a Tourism Agency.    I have been doing some research for this community and have uncovered a ton of great material about team building, some of which will be posted shortly.   This one caught my eye, ,even though it may not be that academically interesting, it is from my neck of the woods, and I thought it might interest some of the team building companies here because it seems to be a new market - that of tourism agencies.  

Oceanside, in Southern California, for those of you who don't know, is home to a massive military base - Camp Pendleton - which forms the unofficial border between Los Angeles and San Diego metropolitan areas.   Because of this huge military base, Oceanside is not a place people normally think of as a tourist destination, however this small tourist agency decided to address that - with team building services.  

I am not sure how they pulled this off - I have never heard of a government agency doing something like this, but they even have retired Navy SEALs running some of the training programs and I must admit they do sound like fun.   
The Visit Oceanside "Hero" programs range from three to four hours and are available to groups with a minimum of 10 participants.
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Very interesting post and a fantastic idea for team building.
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Rob Gordon

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True dat
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true so true
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Rob Gordon

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Trouble in Shark Tank city.
The entrepreneur left happy with the deal he had wanted. The same couldn't be said for some of the 'sharks.'
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Personally, I think they are acting. Creating some drama to get back their TV viewing rate. 
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Rob Gordon

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You know, that same thing happened to me this morning.
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Gotta be true!
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I'm a friendly and outgoing guy, currently single, living near the beach area of San Diego.    I like meeting smart and creative people and want as much positive energy in my life as I can possibly get.  

There probably won't be much rhyme or reason to the posts I make here.  Sometimes I write about things going on in my life, other times I post business or political material, and sometimes I like things that are spiritual or related to self  improvement and personal growth - and I almost always like things that are funny or off beat.

I grew up in the American Midwest - Michigan, so I have the common attribute of being a little slow to make friends but then doing my best to hang onto them as long as I can.  I am an open book, but it still takes a while to get to know me  Once you have my trust though I will have your back.  I am fiercely loyal to my friends. 

My nationality is Irish so I like a good stiff drink now and again, and have a penchant for dive bars.   At the same time, I am also trying to get more health and fitness oriented and am working on my own personal growth.  I don't think we should ever stop growing.

Politically, I am a progressive libertarian - figure that one out.  I like yoga but also martial arts.  I am shy but outgoing - open minded but skeptical - tough but sensitive.  I am a patriotic American who considers himself to be a world citizen,  I am nonbeliever on a spiritual path.   Yes, I am a contradiction. 

Business Interests

I have a several different business interests, ventures and practice areas.  Since I am self-employed, I have used the "employment" section of this profile to describe my two major practice areas: Project Acceleration Services and Content Creation Services, as well as two of my ventures: World Startups and the California Trade Network.  These are active and current so contact me if any interest you.or if you see a way we might work together.   My other business interests include:
  • Entrepreneurial Collaboration
  • Small Business Development
  • Startup Venture Acceleration
  • Open Source Development
  • Collaborative Technologies
  • International Business & Trade
  • New Economy / Self-Employed
  • California Economy and Politics


I run several different communities here on Google+ - some are large and well established, some are small and experimental - all are intended to get people working together for mutual benefit.

Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, and Small Business.  This is a large and growing public community - almost 50,000 members now -  that I founded for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup founders and the self employed  It provides a platform where entrepreneurs from all around the world can meet, share information, engage in discussions and sometimes cooperate for mutual benefit.   Some have told me it is the best managed business community on Google+. All are welcome no matter how small or humble the business or venture. 

Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative.  We recently relaunched an initiative here on Google+ called the "Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative" where we each volunteer of offer a small amount of our extra "brain power" to help each other advance in our lives, business or careers.  This is being done mostly through the facilitation of small private teams, each dedicated to the success of an individual member.  This initiative is still new, but the response has been really amazing and almost 2000 people are now following our Google+ page where we make our major announcements

Personal Growth, Self-Improvement & Life Balance.  An open discussion of personal growth and self improvement in all its aspects, from the pragmatic, to the ethereal.  Includes discussions about self improvement, personal effectiveness, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and even spirituality - anything that involves growing to our full potential and leading better lives.  This is a private community so you have to request an invitation but all we really ask is that you be your authentic self and not try to impress anyone.  

Favorite Quotes

"He attacked everything in in life with a mixture of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence and it was often difficult to tell which was which".
Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you... But first, they must catch you"
Richard Adams, Watership Down

"Your mind. Your slow, plodding, tenacious mind. There has never been one quite like it, in all the history of the world. Perhaps in the history of creation." 
Stephen King - the Gunslinger.

DISCLAIMER:  I use Google+ as my personal micro-blog to post "whatever I want".   If you are offended by unconventional political and business ideas, unpopular opinions that sometimes go against the crowd, irreverent views about religion and morality, or a lack of respect for the status quo, I suggest that you not follow me.  While I am not totally insensitive to cultural norms, I will not "self censor" to accommodate anyone here.  In addition, I occasionally post material that is only appropriate for adults here so don't follow me if you are underage or might be offended by such materials.  See also: photo and image sharing policy:

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Program Management, Community Management, Entrepreneurship, Startup Acceleration, Content Creation, Content Automation, Small Business Strategy, International Business, Economic Development
  • Action Planning Associates
    Owner, 2011 - present
    Professional service that uses the latest generation of project management and scheduling applications along with collaborative brainstorming to help startups, small business and entrepreneurs accomplish their objectives much more rapidly. Please request a capabilities statement or schedule a Google+ hangout with me if you would like more information There is no charge for any initial consultation.
    Founder, 2011 - 2014
    This is an community platform designed to enhance collaboration among early stage startups and entrepreneurs. While still under development, it is fully operational and provides a sophisticated matching service that can link entrepreneurs seeking partners and co-founders, as well as match them with the needs of larger organizations. Please see link on this profile for registration or contact me if you would like more information.
  • Content Creation Services
    Owner, 2011 - 2014
    Professional service that helps business with their content management, content marketing and content automation needs. I can supply customized content to your blog or website on a regular basis at low cost and with little involvement on your part. Ongoing market research is provided as part of this service and it is ideal as an adjunct to the regular content creation activities of you or your organization. Technical writing and documentation services are also available. Please request a capabilities statement or schedule a Google+ hangout with me f you would like more information There is no charge for any initial consultation.
  • California Trade Network
    Co-Founder, 2000 - 2014
    This is a business portal for exporters and internationally oriented entrepreneurs in the state of California. While this project went dormant for several years, it is currently being relaunched with a new partner at a time of renewed interest.
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