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It's getting late. 
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... and these two held grudges for so long (lol)!
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Rob Gordon

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Fun place to get married. 
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Kind of weird, but to each their own.
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That't it for my day everyone, but if yours is just starting, don't forget to:
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Oh yeah - definitely want. 
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+Doug Alder :: That's why we are ALL broke ! Lol
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Rob Gordon

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You hear that teenagers - you need to start packing heat before you go to the movies now - that is the America the gun fetish people want.  

This is sick - and Perry just lost my vote - and before you say I wouldn't have voted for him anyway you are probably right, but it is not impossible - I do listen to the economic proposals of all candidates and have voted for Republicans many times. 

So what is next - bars?   rock concerts?  yoga classes?   The gun lovers need to start taking ownership of the slaughter of Americans, and I am sorry - the solution is NOT more guns or even the sudden interest in "mental health".   

I am not taking comments - I have already received death threats here for expressing my opinion on this, and I don't want to ruin my Sunday. 
Mere days after the Lafayette theater shootings that injured 11 and killed two people, plus the gunman, Rick Perry says that what we need is more guns around to stop this kind of violence before it escalates. The shootings, the former governor told CNN on Sunday, show why gun-free zones...
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Rob Gordon

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So I was flying in my helicopter earlier today and decided to drop on on this boat to party with these young ladies.  
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They're singing - I guess?
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I had to look at the image twice to realize it was someone's hand drooping on the shoulder :)
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+Gideon Rosenblatt's musings about the future of Google+
Pinterest as Google+'s New Target

If it's not abundantly clear already, Pinterest is emerging a much more clear competitive frame for understanding the future of Google+. It's an over-simplification, as there are significant difference, but it's still a useful one. 

A Newly Emerging Google Plus Strategy
The catalyst for this post were some thoughts from Bradley Horowitz just a couple hours ago: 

"Relieved of the notion of integrating with every other product at Google, Google+ can now focus on doing what it’s already doing quite well: helping millions of users around the world connect around the interest they love. Aspects of the product that don’t serve this agenda have been, or will be, retired. But you’ll also see a slew of improvements that make this use case shine."

Connecting people around "interests they love" is another way of saying connecting people through an "interest graph." The battle for the social graph is pretty much over, and Facebook clearly won. Google's new strategy is a clear acknowledgement of this and an indication that it sees the battle for the interest graph as: a) important and b) far from decided. 
So, why is the interest graph so important, you ask? 

Supporting the Knowledge Graph 
Google is making a huge bet on its Knowledge Graph, as a central strategy for maintaining the technological superiority of its search engine. In fact, you could say that this service is actually in the midst of transforming from a search engine to a knowledge engine. Google Now is the visible end of this wedge, a wedge which will soon emerge as a Virtual Personal Assistant, and eventually as a much more powerful artificial intelligence agent. 

Understanding which people care about and have influence on particular topics will be one of the very valuable products of deepening Google+ investments in the interest graph. That, in turn, will strengthen the company's ability to execute on its Knowledge Graph strategy. 

The Bigger Battle with Amazon
In the big picture, the real competitive battle that Google faces as a company - is with Amazon. People were recently asked their top three places for researching gift purchases in the holiday season. “Online search” registered 45%, down from 49% a year ago. Meantime, the channel growing the most in popularity was the one that includes Amazon, jumping to 37% from 31%. 

The Google-Amazon battle is actually a battle of business models, with Google running an advertising strategy and Amazon a commerce strategy. Sure, there are exceptions, and the lines can get very blurry with things like "buy now" button ads, but by and large, that is how the competition is falling out. When you think about it, the searches that Amazon is increasingly winning from Google are searches that are most closely tied to actual sales. They are, in other words, some of the most lucrative advertising that Google has. 

Going back to the interest graph, perhaps more than any other company in the world, Amazon has a very detailed and extremely valuable mapping of the products and services you care about. It has, in short, a very lucrative interest graph, deeply embedded into its commerce business model. 

As noted above, monetization isn't the only reason that Google is building its interest graph. That said, it will be monetizing its interest graph, and it will be doing that through an advertising strategy - not primarily a commerce strategy like Amazon's. 

The Pinterest Opportunity
Pinterest was founded in 2010, one of many startups launched around that timeframe based on the premise of the interest graph. The rest have long-since failed, but Pinterest is now valued at $11 billion and its revenue generating potential is just starting to build steam. 

Pinterest's monetization efforts around things like "buy now" buttons are generating lots of intrigue, but I believe the company represents something more than that. They are a kind of fusion between online advertising and a retail environment. Pinterest's CEO Ben Silbermann likes to differentiate Pinterest from Google by noting that the service is about "discovery," not "search." People like to browse collections in Pinterest, to become inspired, to have their interests piqued, to discover stuff through seeming serendipity that they weren't specifically seeking in the first place. In other words, there's a kind of grazing, browsing behavior on Pinterest that does sort of feel like a retail store. 

In other words, Pinterest, with its strength in discovery, falls someplace in between the Amazon and Google commerce and advertising strategies. Just as importantly, behind the scenes, Pinterest is building an interest graph, tied to commercially valuable topics. And unlike Amazon, they're not integrating this interest graph with the core competencies of warehousing, returns, fulfillment and other aspects of a commerce company. In short, they're building the kind of interest graph that's of interest to an advertising giant; an interest graph chock-full with all kinds of insights into what end users care most about. 

Like Google. 

The Differences
Just to be clear: I'm not saying that Google+ will or should suddenly start looking and behaving like Pinterest. Despite the new Collections feature, Google+ is a very different beast. I would be very surprised if we woke up one day to find "buy it now" buttons showing up on Google+. And I don't even think that we'll be seeing many collections of "my favorite lipsticks" or "my favorite dresses" - the kinds of collections that are very common and natural on Pinterest. 

That just isn't the culture here on Google+. No, I don't see Google attempting to replicate the kind of "retail" environment strategy that Pinterest seems to be headed towards. The management here is smart enough to recognize the culture differences between G+ and Pinterest. Although now that Google+ is freed from its broader corporate mandates, which I think helped it take a pass on revenue-generating expectations, I will go on record here saying that I would not be at all surprised to find Google reversing its policy of 'no ads' here on Google+ - possibly within the next year or two.

What I do see quite clearly is Google moving down a path where Google+ becomes a more powerful addition to its interest graph building capacity. Search is already a very powerful tool for tracking end user interests over time. What it's missing is the ability to note interest in a more passive browsing mode. This is the discovery mode that Pinterest makes so much of, and it maps nicely to the streams, photos and sharing that now describes the team that will be remaking Google+. 

Bradley Horowitz post on Google+ changes:

Pinterest CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann, talking about Pinterest's strategy and the central importance of the interest graph:

The Interest Graph Maps Our Connections to Ideas and Things

Google’s  Biggest Competitor…is Amazon

What is Google+ (Really)?

#sharedinterestgraph   #pinterest   #amazon   #googleplus  
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Thanks for sharing, +Rob Gordon. I actually cranked this out rather quickly, and after I hit publish was afraid that people might misinterpret what I'm saying that way. I don't think that G+ will become a marketplace (though again, I wouldn't be surprised to see ads here someday). It's more that this service will help build the interest graph, which will help Google to compete with Amazon in other places (like Search). 
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Rob Gordon

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Why doesn't Barbara Bush run instead of Jeb! ?  Seems like she would make a better President. 
A presidential daughter symbolizes a generation that’s just so — awesome!
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Ignoring the age issue, hypothetically let's say she ran for pres... Here's why she's doomed:

1. If she were to run as a Republican she wouldn't get in because, well, fat chance of any Republicans getting in any time soon. The whole party is doomed. Furthermore, as we've seen with the Trump sideshow, the Republican voter base share none of her ideals so she wouldn't make it to debates even.

2. If she were to run as a Dem, the name alone would be enough to cast toxic doubt and she likely wouldn't get far there either.
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My first computer had 10 MB - and it was a damn good computer - in fact, better at lots of things than what I use now. 
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Gil Pac
I wonder if they were thinking back then to make them small enough to fit on your desk or your pocket or to wear on your wrist.
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Rob Gordon

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Girl selling flowers on the street, circa 1976

Into my heart an air that kills
From yon far country blows:
What are those blue remembered hills,
What spires, what farms are those?

That is the land of lost content,
I see it shining plain,
The happy highways where I went
And cannot come again.

A.E. Housman
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Reminds me of the Moonies
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Rob Gordon

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Jeez - the Chinese are no fun at all. 
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Greg S.
+Rob Gordon Not to mention plusterbation!
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I'm a friendly and outgoing guy, currently single, living near the beach area of San Diego.    I like meeting smart and creative people and want as much positive energy in my life as I can possibly get.  

There probably won't be much rhyme or reason to the posts I make here.  Sometimes I write about things going on in my life, other times I post business or political material, and sometimes I like things that are spiritual or related to self  improvement and personal growth - and I almost always like things that are funny or off beat.

I grew up in the American Midwest - Michigan, so I have the common attribute of being a little slow to make friends but then doing my best to hang onto them as long as I can.  I am an open book, but it still takes a while to get to know me  Once you have my trust though I will have your back.  I am fiercely loyal to my friends. 

My nationality is Irish so I like a good stiff drink now and again, and have a penchant for dive bars.   At the same time, I am also trying to get more health and fitness oriented and am working on my own personal growth.  I don't think we should ever stop growing.

Politically, I am a progressive libertarian - figure that one out.  I like yoga but also martial arts.  I am shy but outgoing - open minded but skeptical - tough but sensitive.  I am a patriotic American who considers himself to be a world citizen,  I am nonbeliever on a spiritual path.   Yes, I am a contradiction. 

Business Interests

I have a several different business interests, ventures and practice areas.  Since I am self-employed, I have used the "employment" section of this profile to describe my two major practice areas: Project Acceleration Services and Content Creation Services, as well as two of my ventures: World Startups and the California Trade Network.  These are active and current so contact me if any interest you.or if you see a way we might work together.   My other business interests include:
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  • Collaborative Technologies
  • International Business & Trade
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I run several different communities here on Google+ - some are large and well established, some are small and experimental - all are intended to get people working together for mutual benefit.

Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, and Small Business.  This is a large and growing public community - more than 60,000 members now -  that I founded for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup founders and the self employed  It provides a platform where entrepreneurs from all around the world can meet, share information, engage in discussions and sometimes cooperate for mutual benefit.   Some have told me it is the best managed business community on Google+. All are welcome no matter how small or humble the business or venture. 

Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative.  A private community here on Google+ called the "Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative" where we each volunteer of offer a small amount of our extra "brain power" to help each other advance in our lives, business or careers.  

Personal Growth, Self-Improvement & Life Balance.  An open discussion of personal growth and self improvement in all its aspects, from the pragmatic, to the ethereal.  Includes discussions about self improvement, personal effectiveness, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and even spirituality - anything that involves growing to our full potential and leading better lives.    

Favorite Quotes

"He attacked everything in in life with a mixture of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence and it was often difficult to tell which was which".
Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you... But first, they must catch you"
Richard Adams, Watership Down

"Your mind. Your slow, plodding, tenacious mind. There has never been one quite like it, in all the history of the world. Perhaps in the history of creation." 
Stephen King - the Gunslinger.

DISCLAIMER:  I use Google+ as my personal micro-blog to post "whatever I want".   If you are offended by unconventional political and business ideas, unpopular opinions that sometimes go against the crowd, irreverent views about religion and morality, or a lack of respect for the status quo, I suggest that you not follow me.  While I am not totally insensitive to cultural norms, I will not "self censor" to accommodate anyone here.  In addition, I occasionally post material that is only appropriate for adults here so don't follow me if you are underage or might be offended by such materials.  See also: photo and image sharing policy:

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