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Rob Gordon

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Went for a walk to the beach Thanksgiving afternoon and found most of the streets empty.   Took a shortcut through an alley and saw a man slumped over with his head between his legs in the back parking lot of a bar restaurant.    For a moment, I thought he must have been drunk but it didn't look like that- he actually looked worse.

"Hey man, are you OK?"  I called out.   He looked up at me with bloodshot eyes.   "No man, I'm not", he said.   I'm not sure of his age - his thirties maybe, he was tall. clean-cut and had a thick mustache - I imagine women would find him attractive.  "My Mom died" he said.   "I work in here" he said, gesturing to the restaurant   "it was a week ago but this is my first Thanksgiving without her".  "Oh, I'm sorry" I said - not knowing what else to say.   "She was a single Mom and raised me" - he said, sobbing   "I don't have a Dad".  "Do you have any siblings?" I asked, but he said he didn't and I realized I probably just made him feel worse.  "You will remember her forever"- I said - which sounded lame but it was all I could come up at the moment.  
"Thanks for stopping man - you are a good person", he said.   "I'm sorry" I said again, "I hope your day gets better" which again sounded lame but it is what came out.   I then just continued walking - what else could I do?  - but my heart sunk as I heard cries of anguish as I left his line of sight.

Like so often happens we think about what could have said after the situation is over.   I wish I had said something like "you were her legacy" or "her unfinished project" or something like that, but I didn't.  I don't know if he was forced to work on the holiday, or if he volunteered, but he was probably expected to help other people be happy there, when he clearly was not.   Not wanting his employer and coworkers to know what he was really feeling, he suppressed it and had a breakdown in the alley.    

I continued my walk to the beach.   The heat wave has broken here, and it was a blustery but beautiful November day so I snapped this pic.   There was indeed, lots to be thankful for, but it is not always easy to feel that way.    I have no profound conclusions from my encounter except knowing how hard the holidays are on some of us.   Not everyone has a family and not everyone feels the "holiday spirit".

Be kind to each other.   Keep your antenna up for how people are really feeling - not how you think they are supposed to be feeling.   It is not always on the surface.    
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Rob Gordon

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Every time :-(
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He has not been happy with himself and it has taken a toll on him. The reality is in the photograph.
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Rob Gordon

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If at first you don't succeed ...
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They fried and ate him of course.
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Rob Gordon

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Secrets of long lasting relationships.
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Sounds like a recipe for success.

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Rob Gordon

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Made me hungry. 
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Dont know if i should be like "omg! Yes!" or "what the hell were you thinking.."
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Rob Gordon

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At Krogar grocery store. 7 in Android Good deal?
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Oh, man, that'd be perfect! I've had this notion the past few weeks of getting 2 or 3 super cheap Android tablets. Then removing/disabling most of the software and features, and only allowing the pictures/slideshow feature and the clock. That way, I could have digital picture frames that only read specific directories on my home systems, and digital clocks/alarms that would be network timed to make sure they were always accurate.

A $40 tablet fits that bill nicely, save that I don't have the $120 for the three that I'd want. :)
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Rob Gordon

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All purpose rebuttal.
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You made this come to mind.
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Rob Gordon

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Did I ever show you guys a picture of the swimming pool on my boat?
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Yes. You said it was so hard to try and get the water clean after sitting for a season that it was easier to just drain it and refill it with new, clean water.
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Rob Gordon

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I predict a successful marriage. 
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Rob Gordon

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Being an aging hippy is no cakewalk.
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I've said that to my family forever lol I'm still me...
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Rob Gordon

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I never knew that.  
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Jurassic Pope, just like in movie.
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Rob Gordon

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The have descend on my neighborhood again.   I don't have time to take pictures today, so here is a photo essay I wrote about the attack a few years ago.  
Pink terrorists have overtaken my neighborhood!. I first saw them a little more than an hour ago. Is this on the national news yet? It seems to be the vanguard of a much larger invasion - already, they seem to be moving inland. I have done my best as a citizen journalist to document this incursion, however their numbers are many and I fear my position may soon be overrun. Even as I write this, I can hear their chants from their staging area down the block. Please alert the authorities- this may be my last report.

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I'm a friendly and outgoing guy, currently single, living near the beach area of San Diego.    I like meeting smart and creative people and want as much positive energy in my life as I can possibly get.  

There probably won't be much rhyme or reason to the posts I make here.  Sometimes I write about things going on in my life, other times I post business or political material, and sometimes I like things that are spiritual or related to self  improvement and personal growth - and I almost always like things that are funny or off beat.

I grew up in the American Midwest - Michigan, so I have the common attribute of being a little slow to make friends but then doing my best to hang onto them as long as I can.  I am an open book, but it still takes a while to get to know me  Once you have my trust though I will have your back.  I am fiercely loyal to my friends. 

My nationality is Irish so I like a good stiff drink now and again, and have a penchant for dive bars.   At the same time, I am also trying to get more health and fitness oriented and am working on my own personal growth.  I don't think we should ever stop growing.

Politically, I am a progressive libertarian - figure that one out.  I like yoga but also martial arts.  I am shy but outgoing - open minded but skeptical - tough but sensitive.  I am a patriotic American who considers himself to be a world citizen,  I am nonbeliever on a spiritual path.   Yes, I am a contradiction. 

Business Interests

I have a several different business interests, ventures and practice areas.  Since I am self-employed, I have used the "employment" section of this profile to describe my two major practice areas: Project Acceleration Services and Content Creation Services, as well as two of my ventures: World Startups and the California Trade Network.  These are active and current so contact me if any interest you.or if you see a way we might work together.   My other business interests include:
  • Entrepreneurial Collaboration
  • Small Business Development
  • Startup Venture Acceleration
  • Open Source Development
  • Collaborative Technologies
  • International Business & Trade
  • New Economy / Self-Employed
  • California Economy and Politics


I run several different communities here on Google+ - some are large and well established, some are small and experimental - all are intended to get people working together for mutual benefit.

Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, and Small Business.  This is a large and growing public community - more than 60,000 members now -  that I founded for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startup founders and the self employed  It provides a platform where entrepreneurs from all around the world can meet, share information, engage in discussions and sometimes cooperate for mutual benefit.   Some have told me it is the best managed business community on Google+. All are welcome no matter how small or humble the business or venture. 

Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative.  A private community here on Google+ called the "Virtual Brain Trust Cooperative" where we each volunteer of offer a small amount of our extra "brain power" to help each other advance in our lives, business or careers.  

Personal Growth, Self-Improvement & Life Balance.  An open discussion of personal growth and self improvement in all its aspects, from the pragmatic, to the ethereal.  Includes discussions about self improvement, personal effectiveness, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience and even spirituality - anything that involves growing to our full potential and leading better lives.    

Favorite Quotes

"He attacked everything in in life with a mixture of extraordinary genius and naive incompetence and it was often difficult to tell which was which".
Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince with a Thousand Enemies, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you... But first, they must catch you"
Richard Adams, Watership Down

"Your mind. Your slow, plodding, tenacious mind. There has never been one quite like it, in all the history of the world. Perhaps in the history of creation." 
Stephen King - the Gunslinger.

DISCLAIMER:  I use Google+ as my personal micro-blog to post "whatever I want".   If you are offended by unconventional political and business ideas, unpopular opinions that sometimes go against the crowd, irreverent views about religion and morality, or a lack of respect for the status quo, I suggest that you not follow me.  While I am not totally insensitive to cultural norms, I will not "self censor" to accommodate anyone here.  In addition, I occasionally post material that is only appropriate for adults here so don't follow me if you are underage or might be offended by such materials.  See also: photo and image sharing policy:

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