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How is QA viewed at your company?
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I wish they were both viewed as much more of a important and integrated part of development as in other industries, but also more professionally run among themselves.

They either just seem to be a after thought from the rest of dev, or just a playground and stepping stone amongst those who run or are in it.

Just from my experience at least.
That's a really good point. Certainly treating QA as too much of a stepping stone makes it difficult to keep senior talent, and treating it as a dead end fills it with short-term workers of dubious merit. Perhaps running a more Agile team allows them to embed more with regular development and counteract some of the lack of direction/guidance/management/whatever is lacking?
I think the biggest issue is lack of career growth in games as QA. You're a bod, you become a team lead perhaps if there's multiple teams and then there's not much left for you and companies don't tend to keep offering pay rises to compensate for experience, so those folks tend to move on and try either for production or design, with the occasional other paths.

What might help maybe if companies just had a smaller core QA team, built up a separate team as a separate team/company which can be out sourced on low needs and also give people options to work in house or not and have the option of being a QA liaison  so offering another position to move towards and giving QA a little more security.

Obviously that can't work for every company, but just a thought.
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