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Rob Galanakis
Technical dude.
Technical dude.

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A beautiful lunch spot, a few hundred feet above the Columbia River Gorge. With +Casady Monroe +Ashley Monroe 

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Free copy of Practical Maya Programming with Python to the person who has played the worst prank on a coworker using Maya. Regale us with your tales of mischief!

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You, there! You should talk at GDC! I was lucky enough to have spoken several times. Those early breaks helped push my career forward and convinced many dozens of people that I knew what I was talking about, even when I didn't.
For any readers who are thinking about doing a GDC talk in 2015, it's time to get your submissions in! Talk abstracts should be submitted by August 28th ! Tech artists are an important part of GDC: sharing knowledge, inspring people to work smarter, and tea...

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It's finally out! I'm also available to answer any questions you may have.
Buy it now:

Making a moderately complex system compatible with Maya/PyMEL 2011-2015 is unimaginably frustrating.

Alright friends. I'm looking for a job in the Pacific Northwest. Who wants to work with me?

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How do people treat the technical part of interviews? Is it more or less important than culture/fit/potential? Would you hire someone who doesn't ace a tough technical test?

rm -r ~
Is NOT the same as:
rm -r ./~
Not that I accidentally deleted part of my home directory while cleaning up a misnamed folder or anything...

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This is a pretty useful article and definitely reflects my experience. Every Python programmer should be familiar with every item in this list.
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