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So, I am looking for a job after finally being caught up in the corporate panacea of layoffs. I'm not looking for Tech Art jobs and would like to get out of games unless it's for a very interesting opportunity. I'm also only looking in North America at this time (just relocated here from Iceland in March...). If you have anything promising, please send it my way. Thanks!
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Will reply tomorrow +Jake Weisz. If I don't, please remind me.
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This wasn't the first pork shoulder I've cooked, but the first where I went for (and achieved) crackling (which I call "skeeeen"). Super easy to do and a show stopper in looks and taste. It is basically impossible to mess up.

1. Score the skin, dry it all, rub down the meat with some spices and salt, massage some salt and oil into the skin.
2. Let it sit for as long as you can (overnight is best, but this one had only an hour). Your goals are a) to dry out the skin and b) to let the meat absorb the flavor and salt. 
3. Into the oven at like 100C for as long as you can, if you only have like 3 hours you will need to use a higher temp.
4. About 40 minutes before serving, take it out of the oven and crank your broiler as high as it'll go (250C or so, hopefully).
5. When the oven is preheated, put it back in (I like to keep it away from the broiler). The skin will magically puff. Take it out as the skin starts to get brown, before it burns.
6. Take it out to rest (or put it in a warming oven) to let it rest.
7. Eat the skin on its own, or chop it all up together, and season with cider vinegar and salt (and whatever you want).

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hmmm  mouth watering!
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Rob Galanakis

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So if anyone is looking for an easy way to host their automatically generated documentation, look no further:

I've deployed it on Windows and Linux successfully (without and with a webserver), but if you run into any issues or the documentation is unclear, please tell me.
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Rob Galanakis

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If you have a sizeable #python  codebase you are interested in, I'd recommend getting this set up. My next post will talk more about how I actually use code metrics to affect change.
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Great. Perfect Timing :) Looking forward to the follow-up!
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Rob Galanakis

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Awesome Maya discovery today.
<MPlug> == <MObject represented by MPlug>
hash(<MPlug>) == hash(<MObject represented by MPlug>)

So the common pattern you see in API examples, like:
if plug in (MyNode.outputA, MyNode.outputB)
But if you were to try:
if plug in set([MyNode.outputA, MyNode.outputB])
That would not work.

Dear #Autodesk: Objects that compare equal should *always* have the same hash value.
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Have him in circles
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Rob Galanakis

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Are Agile project management and Agile development the same thing? I argue no, and we should treat them as different. What do you think?
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Rob Galanakis

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So here's my followup to my previous post about collecting code metrics via Sonar. I talk about some practical examples of how I've used those metrics I've collected, including navigating some difficult conversations with individual programmers, and driving large project-wide initiatives.
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Rob Galanakis

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This is pretty amazing. Well worth a read and listen.
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I wrote up some thoughts about why Agile game development seems so damn difficult. What do you think?
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+Don Olmstead: It's Agile Game Deveopment with Scrum by Clinton Keith (who wommented on my post, woot!). I haven't read it yet; I focused on Lean books this year and lately have been getting back into tech books.

+Sven Bergström: Very good points! It bears pointing out that every signatory of the Agile manifesto has been or still is a programmer.
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Do you consider partial application a form of metaprogramming or plain-old-programming? Why?
What would you say to someone who things the opposite?
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I'd say thinG otherwise!
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Love programming python, C#, and musing over tools development and tech artistry at my blog,, and at, which I helped found.
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