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Hey Derrick, just saw these. I think you might have the wrong Springfield. (Illinois here.) =) 
Level 6 reso or bursters I need some tomorrow let me know if u is dtown or can meet up. 

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Alright, for those who haven't seen it, here's some solid Ingress info:

FAQ from

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Alright, since Kyle didn't think enough people used G+, I made a FB page as well:

Dear Toads:  I know that two more invite keys dropped today to help bolster your ranks.  Let's see if you guys can put them to good use.


Tentative Terms (Based on conversations between LeKapitan and I):
We each get a roughly one block farm for now, the Resistance has that park area near the Lincoln Museum and the stupid Enlightened has a block near the Old State Capitol. We battle everywhere else for AP.

Oh, and not really part of the treaty, but I would like to publicly call dibs on the Statehouse.  It work there and am quite attached to that particular portal.  If you try and take it from me, I will come after you and your family.

That is all.  ;)

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How do I report duplicate portals or inaccurate/inaccessible portal locations?
Visit the Ingress Help page, and click “Contact Us” in the upper right.
Select “Report an issue with a portal” from the list of options.
Select the relevant issue and follow the instructions to report it.

#ingress  +Scott Gresham +Kyle McCarty +Jim French 

Alright G+, Ingress has officially brought be back to you... We meet again old friend.   #ingress  

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A Zombie Squad Weekend!
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