I spent the past year... and have invested over $7,000 testing different funnel "configurations" trying to NOT like ClickFunnels...

But, alas, you have to give Russell Brunson a lot of credit where credit is due because it is absolutely an insane amount of work to stitch together SSL hosting, autoresponders, shopping carts, domain verified transactional emails, tracking (OMG! what a pain on your own!!) and affiliate programs and HOPE they all work together well.

Seriously... I've spent MONTHS trying a bazillion different membership programs, autoresponders (even the high end ones), pop ups, tracking, etc., etc and... just yesterday... pulled the plug on all of it and am now porting it all over to http://approved.asecretbonus.com/389906

My REASONING was I didn't like the thought of having your entire business held "hostage" to one service provider. But, now, after more drama than I care to admit... I would MUCH rather have it all running on one integrated system than have a dozen moving pieces of the machine scattered who knows where.

Thx Russell for staying the course. Good stuff.
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