Historically, getting your blog posts and videos to rank on the front page of the major search engines required that you did THREE THINGS better than the competition:

1. Publish GREAT content that informs, educations and entertains more than it "pitches" whatever it is you are promoting. (onpage seo)

2. Get other websites to mention and "link back" to the content you want ranked. (offsite seo)

3. Get people to engage with your content.

TODAY, Google is now discounting every "backlink" that does not actually produce clicks. This means MOST of the SEO links you buy or create will wind up being absolutely worthless because MOST of the content published to post your link to 1) isn't readable, 2) is hosted by a website that gets no traffic or 3) your links never clicked.

So the question is... what are you going to do about that?

We have automated the process in our Rank & Stick SEO process... See http://freedom.rankandstickseo.com and, by the way, totally disregard the PROHIBITED TERMS. Everything is now wide open with the exception of porn, pills and hate.
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