Ready. Aim. Fire.... then SCALE the winners!

This morning a ran across a neat little $7.95 program that sucks leads off of Facebook like an out-of-control vacuum cleaner on steroids (see to check it out) and I posted a short tutorial video up and sent off a quick email to my list to give everyone a heads up.

SO FAR... we've had 187 people click the link and we've earned $353 in quick affiliate commissions (about $60 an hour!) which works out to $1.88 earnings per click.

THIS MEANS... if we can find a way to send targeted traffic to this offer for LESS THAN $1.88 per click, we could have another semi-automated income stream.

* FB ads
* Youtube video ads
* 2nd-Tier pay-per-click search engines
* Twitter ads

Get the idea? And what's really cool is, literally, I picked it up for my own use... liked it... cut a short 3 minute "review" video... promoted it... and then simply MEASURED the results. Easy stuff.

Go make it happen!
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