Want to know a super-secret, super-powerful way to discover EXACTLY what top producers are doing to build their businesses?

Quick story.

A few months again my friend Diane Hochman released a new product called Twist Your List ( http://freedom.twistyourlistpro.com/) and offered a bonus of ALL the emails she had sent over the past few years to amass a quiet fortune.

Now, honestly, I wasn't that interested in the product itself (it turned out to be one of the BEST investments I've ever made) but I was keenly interested in the bonus EMAIL PACKAGE.

Because HOW you follow up with prospects and customers - the WHAT you say and HOW you say it is critical when it comes to building a profitable business.

So I picked up the course and secured the bonus.

Which was... DRUM ROLL... a link to her aweber email archives!

Now, initially, I felt "okey doked" but then realized just how powerful that discovery was because NOW, when I want to aggressive spy on the model of a top producer... I simply TRACK DOWN THEIR EMAIL ARCHIVES and study them - email by email. Word my word. Headline by headline. Offer by offer.

Study the timing. The length. The "voice."

Make sense?

Who else routinely studies top producer emails?
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