Yikes! I knew I was on to something back in November 2015...

...when I took a closer look at what was actually PRODUCING RESULTS when it came to promoting My Lead System PRO - which is one of the more profitable programs we not only promote, but actually USE on a daily basis to make even more money promoting our other programs....

Yet I didn't know it was THIS GOOD....

Bottom line?

For the past three years of so I've been using a tiny little $37 wordpress plugin to automatically embed 22 text links throughout my blog posts that promote MLSP. And that ONE TIME effort has been PAYING ME, on average, 14 cents per visitor. Like clockwork. On complete autopilot.

If I didn't have it installed... it would have cost me over 100k. (Yikes! Right?!)

Since then I have added a few more text links (over 3,100 of them to be exact) and NOW LOOK at the results... based on real-world, real-life conversions numbers we had since installing the MAXIMIZED VERSION four months ago!

We used to GET PAID only $0.14 per visit when it comes to MLSP... and now, from the same exact traffic... $0.23 per visit.

Which is crazy. So if you are in MLSP and have a blog that is getting traffic or will soon get traffic... you might want to check this out. Maybe. LOL http://nobsmlmexpress.com
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