It's just FREAKING embarrassing...

For the past five years I've been promoting a program called My Lead System PRO which gives serious online marketers literally everything they need to build a profitable, sustainable business and brand online.

This year I've decided to double this affiliate business and, to get started, decided to REVERSE ENGINEER myself. In other words, take a closer look at what I've done - what worked, what didn't and where we can make improvements and... OMG it's so, so embarrassing...

In a nutshell - I've SUCKED at generating leads for this program and have been averaging a miserable 3.49% optin rate. Once I spotted this I immediately put on my MARKETING HAT and started testing a NEW lead generation routine and... after three weeks... we're averaging over 15%,

And what's really got me even more excited is we haven't even plugged in all the GOOD STUFF you are going to learn FREE tonight at 6pm PST to increase YOUR conversions by 10x or more!
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