About four months ago I conducted a survey within the AFFILIATE marketing niche and asked 7 pretty tough questions.

In general...

* 80% had been TRYING to make an extra income online for 2-5 years.
* 80% were making LESS THAN $1,000 a month consistently

So LOTS of time invested with very LITTLE return.

One of the questions I asked was....

Q5:  What are you promoting on the backend?

* Still working on that
* What?
* Company XYZ 
* Right now only one affiliate product
* Very little
* Not clear about this
* Not sure I understand what you are asking?! Follow up
* Nothing right now
* Nothing
* Really nothing yet

About 80% of respondents (perhaps the SAME 80% who are making less than $1,000 a month after working in their businesses for 2-5 years?!) either had NO CLUE what "backend" meant or had nothing set up.

Coincidence? Whatcha think?

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