I have used http://listechinc.com/spinrewriter for YEARS... literally on a daily basis {it's all automated!}... and this morning they just released version 6.0 with FREE 5-Day trial.

What you can NOW DO with this program is absolutely nuts...

For example, imagine writing one GREAT keyword-optimized blog post and have that ONE post "autopost" again and again and again - on that same blog or on multiple blogs... perfectly readable... perfectly optimized... and 100% unique content each and every time... on a schedule YOU determine.

Or maybe researching and writing "isn't your thing" but you would still like to make money blogging? How in the world? SpinRewriter 6.0 is a fantastic solution...

Stay tuned... I'll be cutting some "insider secret" videos - some sneaky little tricks I've learned over the YEARS of using this beast that just got better. LOL
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