had a friend ask me today for "how to get started" advice and here's the answer I shared with him... that YOU might also find of value:


Almost every product or biz opp has the same general search phrases:

Company/Product XYZ
Company/Product XYZ review
Company/Product XYZ scam
Company/Product XYZ business
Company/Product XYZ training
Company/Product XYZ bonus

... so I would create a killer page for each of those phrases and link to your system to get people signed up.

SEO all of those pages and I literally use the 3-step system I share on this FB training: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rob-fore/free-video-seo-tutorial-wlinks-to-programs/10204440307620103

Once those are created, I would do another post featuring YOUR Grand Opening... share your WHY and what's in it for those you join team... and now maybe do a big paid PRESS RELEASE campaign and link back to that review. Great for SEO and you tend to get a lot of "news" press.

Then dig deeper to find the type of keywords people would use who have a PROBLEM your product or opportunity can solve... create GREAT content for each of those keyword phrases and run them through your SEO process.

Along the way, TRACK everything best you can to see if any top converting page/post/video/funnel presents itself. If so, then test a few paid advertising campaigns against it.

If your product/service or biz opp promises some type of MEASUREABLE transformation - like lose 30 pounds in 90 days or grow a full-length beard in 10 minutes - consider YOU starting that transformation process and document everything daily. Daily post, video, maybe a podcast, Snapchap or Periscope - all designed to build an ever-growing, engaged audience who will come to know, like and trust you as a credible and authentic leader in your niche.


Whatcha think? It works if you work it...
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