WARNING: This is a crass commercial message!

Over the past 2.5 months I've watched DOZENS of multiple six-figure, even 7-figures marketers completely ditch the programs that have been making them the most money... completely restructure their proven marketing systems... and get set up completely NEW systems in order to GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

"What's up with that?" I wondered.

And after taking a closer look myself... and really wrapping my mind around the FACT that DOZENS of other master marketers and millionaires are jumping on board with this new program...

... I "came out of semi-retirement" myself.

Want to take a close look? We LAUNCH in less than three weeks at this LIVE EVENT in Phoenix... http://imclaunch.com/coupon/RnB/RnB

Send me a PM if you want more info NOW to get first-mover advantage.
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