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Rob Fore

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That's it... putting YET ANOTHER non-performing business opportunity to rest... say goodbye to "Dubli".

The CONCEPT made sense. Unfortunately the MARKET did not agree.

So... see ya! Because it is much, much easier to buy a new horse than it is to hang around and try to resurrect a dead one.
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Rob Fore

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After building a number of large MLM teams of over the years... I'm still AMAZED at how consistent the "numbers" are - regardless of price points, product, comp plan, training, lack of training, good list, no list - doesn't matter.

* YOU sponsor 100 people
* 15% will sponsor 1 or more
* 3% will  produce 80% of your team

Example - this past week I started to promote a re-launch/pre-launch which is absolutely FREE to join. About six months ago we did 30k in 60 days (netting 20k) under the old affiliate plan... and the new plan is INFINITELY more profitable.

So the idea is to join the FREE pre-launch, BEGIN PROMOTING, and come launch day... make a decision IF you will actually join as a paid member... or not... based on the results of your early marketing and the response you get.

To me... this is the epitome of building a "risk-free" business.

So I started to promote this prelaunch on 8/6 and have personally referred 130 people so far. The "team" has referred 197 people.

Now watch how this break down:

* 130 personal referrals
* 197 team referrals
* 16 have referred 1+ [... 12%...]
* 6 have referred 5+ [ ...3%...]
* Top 6 have referred 162... [... 162/197 = 82%...]

It's crazy, right? I watched this same PHENOMENA happen again and again and again.

Anyone notice this pattern? And, what exactly does this pic have to do with this post? Hmmm....
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Thank u for me message..hii mike how are you doing?
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Rob Fore

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This is one way to create a SYSTEM to sift, sort and allow your BEST PROSPECTS to qualify themselves for your time...

Whatcha think?
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Rob Fore

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MANY years ago my online marketing model was...

"INVEST $1... GET $1.40 Back in 30 Days or Less"

... and through sheer SCALE and TIME, we built a nice stable 40k per month affiliate income promoting eBay, Amazon and other products and brands found within Commission Junction.

THEN the ax fell and we were banned from Google Adwords and... literally overnight... went from making 40k per month to making less than 2k per month. Just like that.

NOW... after years of mastering SEO and creating a very stable flow of FREE traffic... we're getting back into to the paid traffic game because MANY of the top programs out there now pay $100 PER MONTH or more... which gives you the wiggle room to start testing paid traffic. We did 30k in 60 days with this traffic...

... and now they are getting ready to relaunch so it might be worth taking a look at. Get in now and promote. Then see what happens come launch day. You never know...
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Rob Fore

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Rob Fore

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I'm going dark... flying out early tomorrow for Austin...

Pool Party - My Lead System PRO​ - Live the Dream 6!

["Going Dark" - Slang term in the intelligence world which means you go silent. You don't speak or communicate with anyone for a given period on time.]

Back in action next week...
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Rob Fore

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Rob Fore

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TOUCH LIVES... and you will be celebrated in life and death. Miss you, IZ.
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IZ, till we meet again in heaven, R. I. P.😇
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Rob Fore

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Took three days...

NOW it's time to get serious. LOL
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Rob Fore

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Where can I get?

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Rob Fore

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See this LOG IN page... looks pretty innocent, really. But take it from a guy who has been around the internet marketing block a few times...


and we are going to talk a LOT more about that tonight.

Wednesday. 6pm. PST.
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Rob Fore

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