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rob foraker (sn0n)
words and pictures, things and such...
words and pictures, things and such...


Is search -f broken? Tried doing a search -f mp3 but nothing...

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The Defiants (#YYV8P90) is recruiting. Casual Guild. Please join and lets have some fun!!

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I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I can't find it.

What methods do you use to find missions when you travel? Browsing the intel map is very very long winded. One database that I have found that I like is this one:

Also can I suggest that if you post a photo of a mosaic / banner you have created you put a link to the start of the first mission? It might be helpful in tracking down some of the beautiful photos I've seen.
Thank you.

Please add me, 1908-2074-3619. Comment below for me to add back.

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A new tool in a cool geek's toolbox -mobile code compiler and debugger. Meet SoloLearn's brand new Code Playground. Read more in our Blog article.

Code : 1908-2074-3619
Just started pokemon after a nearly 15 year break... Got myself Pokemon X, please add and comment here and lets work on some trades, or leave codes here for me to add, so I can keep track of who's who to message on hangouts. Also!!! If you know of any good hangouts chats, pokemon related, please add!!


any hangout groups for pokemon go started? would love a pkmn-go chat, if anything, shoot me a message here, and i'll start invites and people can invite others.

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Tomas howard. Stole a code from me. Was trading for a olw, as I hear they are much more common, figured it was a fair deal.. Just remember people, stay safe when trading codes online. This was the second time this has happened to me. Faults my own I suppose, just a bummer.
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