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Wide angle lens attachment for a smartphone.  Yes it works for your iCandy.
OK granted it's not something you slip in your pocket when attached, but it is so tiny it's fiddly to attach - I wish it was bigger.
It unscrews in half to make a macro lens for ultra closeups
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Wish they would make one for my Samsung as well. To me, my mobile camera is great but I miss a proper lens and would make the effort to put it on and off when I need it.
it fits any phone.  it has a self-adhesive magnetic ring which sticks permanently to your phone around the camera aperture.  It just clicks on and off
My Droid gives me an 8MP camera with dual-LED flash, and optional wide angle and macro.  For more flash grunt I just ordered a slave-flash.
My digital camera (7MP) has flat batteries and it took me an age to find it.
My analog Nikon F4 languishes in the attic.

Now how to rig a tripod....
OMG I've got all the parts and tools! Thank-you Tobias.
And I've got the son to make it for me....
of course in this wonderful world, the Chinese already make one for five bucks
Looking forward to a report on the project :)
Where's the fun in buying something Chinese when you can make it yourself from things young people don't even know what they are. I say you and your son build one! (For less than five bucks ;)
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