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From twitter, 140 is too cramped:
A list is all the service catalogue that is needed TO START.
Name and description, no more.
Build out from there on business value and priorities: portfolio and demand, design, support, SLAs, request catalogue, CMDB, cost allocation...

...but if customers, mgmt, support, ops, dev, finance, SLAs, reporting etc can't all agree on that initial list u r screwed.
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so the initial list should only include "what is" and not also include "what is about to be" - meaning projects that are already underway but not yet in production (usually, this would be part of the portfolio but not quite the catalog - right?)? 
Once you start offering a service to customers - even if it isn't live just yet - then i think it forms part of the service catalogue.  But others would argue that SC is strictly only what is live right now, and the other stuff is portfolio not catalogue.
I think ITIL says the former but I am away from home right now.
I dont think it matters which way so long as you decide, have policy and are consistent.
If you have no service portfolio, then better to have it in the catalogue early on :) 
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