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Sunrise at Mesa Arch
Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA

The ever popular Mesa Arch as seen through my lens. Yes, it's magnet for photographers at sunrise and fortunately on this morning everyone was polite and accommodating as we all moved around looking for different compositions. Even with the crowds, sunrise here is a wonder to see and something that anyone travelling through the Moab area would be wise to have on their itinerary.

For #dawnonsunday  by +Ray Bilcliff and +Sherry McBriar 
#landscapephotography  by +Margaret Tompkins  
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I'm always amazed when I get a shot at some busy place and it comes out looking totally desolate.
+Jack Durst That's part of the reason you don't see the entire arch in this image. It's also a stark contrast to sunset the previous evening at Delicate Arch which was a mob scene. Unfortunately there were a couple of photographers there who felt it was OK to yell at other visitors who were posing for pictures under the arch. While the rest of the photographers there were hanging out, chatting and waiting for the crowd to thin out, these two really acted like a couple of obnoxious jerks. 
I was just in both places, and experienced the crowd at Delicate Arch but it was mellow and very nice in spite of the number of people.  Too bad those two photogs were jerks, I guess they felt they had some elevated status there by virtue of their cameras and that others were not allowed to enjoy the arch in their own way.  Nice shot of Mesa Arch, I like how you let the sky blow out.
This is a beautiful place to be for the dawn
I love this photo.  Too bad I somehow missed this arch on my way through Moab.  I will be back though... soon!

I too have had my run-ins with obnoxious people, both photogs and hikers, at the Delicate Arch.  I had one snot-nosed brat stand behind me and proceed to tell her family about how my technique for removing people was not going to work because the white balance would be off with every photo.  I was taking photos seconds apart, tripod mounted, in order to Photoshop the people out later.  My technique worked as planned.  I didn't want to get into it with a complete stranger and tell her that I was shooting RAW and that WB  was therefore a non-issue.
Thanks +Phillip Colla. I did a version where I blended this exposure with another one that had underexposed for the sky, but I felt that the blown out sky was a stronger image.

I love what you did at delicate arch. A truly phenomenal image. 
Thank you +Darren Neupert. I don't blame you for not engaging the "expert" behind you. I find it's best to just ignore people like that and tune them out best I can. If I've travelled that far to be in some beautiful location, I'm not gonna let someone like that ruin it for me.
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