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Here we are, more than half way into March and I'm just now doing my first G+ post of 2014. I'll skip the excuses and just apologize for my long absence. Hopefully I'll be around a bit more in the near future.

I'm also apologizing for posting this image once again. I'd love to post something new, but it wasn't much of a contest when it came to choosing an image for this years edition of the +Plus One Collection. Of all the photographs I made last year, I consider this one my best. 

There's still time to submit one of your images for inclusion in the book that will benefit The Samburu Project ( All of the submission info can be found at

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Thank you +Nyoman Yudhana!
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Vista House
Crown Point State Scenic Corridor, Oregon, USA

Just outside of the beautiful city of Portland, the Crown Point Vista House stands watch over one of my favorite places to photograph, or just get lost for a day - the magical Columbia River Gorge. A few miles east of this building lies mile after mile of trails that climb through a wonderland of waterfalls and forests, and as I drove out there from Portland one morning, I stopped just before sunrise to photograph the Vista House.

The clouds couldn't have been better and and the octagonal shape of building makes for a variety of interesting compositions. I knew I wanted to shoot wide and low to include the stairs and get plenty of that dramatic sky. The tricky part was positioning myself to keep the many distracting elements out of the frame and it wasn't easy, so I had to remove some of them in processing.

This is the last one from this years backlog that I've been sharing this week. I truly appreciate all of the wonderful comments, shares and plusses from everyone.  

For #FilterFriday  by +Laurie Rubin (10 stop ND filter, Silver Efex Pro and the Vignette, Darken/Lighten Center and Glamour Glow filters in Color Efex Pro 4)
#MonochromeWorld  +Monochrome World by +andi rivarola 
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Thank you +Ron Donson!
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In the Days Still Left
Steptoe Butte State Park, Washington, USA

An outtake from my trip to the Northwest earlier this year. Shooting above the rolling hills of the Palouse from Steptoe Butte, I wished that the sun would rise and set just a little slower so I could spend just a bit more time savoring the play of light and shadow at the edges of the day. 

#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show by +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Tom Sloan +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Tony Heyward +Sheila B. DuBois +Sandra Brown +Vishal Kumar
#MonochromeWorld  +Monochrome World by +andi rivarola 
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Rob Dweck

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1.7 Miles to San Francisco
Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California, USA

I shot this almost three years ago and had no intention of sharing it. Truth is, I didn't think it was worth posting, but recently that changed. A client was looking at a number of bridge images I had printed and matted for sale (the ones I considered my best) and asked what else I had. I handed her my iPad and opened an album of what I thought only contained my "A list" bridge photographs. 

She went through it and said "this is the one I want!" I was shocked when she showed me this image. I had no idea it was even in the album. This view from Battery Spencer is probably the most frequently photographed and there was nothing especially compelling about the shot (to me anyway), so I never posted it, printed it and never added it to my website. 

But this is what she wanted and she is the customer! So she ordered a 20x30 print on aluminum and when I picked it up from the lab last week, I was blown away. What I thought was just another shot of the bridge looked better than I ever imagined. It was as if it had gotten a complete makeover - what was once ordinary became beautiful.

I share this story and image because there are three lessons here:

1. Others will view your work differently than you do. Very often what I consider my strongest work does not appeal to others. Objectivity is impossible. In this case, an image I had thought was not one of my best, was chosen over all of the images I considered my best. Not the first time this has happened and surely not the last.

2. Give your customers what they want! I could have told my client that this was a sub par image and she should choose one of the "better" ones, while at the same time insulting her taste and coming across like a jerk. This is what she wanted, so this is what she got. The only reason I would not give her what she wanted is if there was a technical issue that would seriously compromise the quality. In that case, I would offer some alternatives: A smaller print matted and framed to the size she wanted or a similar image printed to her specifications.

3. Photographers: Print your work, and print it on a variety of different materials. If you only see your work on a computer screen, you're missing out on one of the biggest joys of being a photographer: seeing your work in print. Nothing beats it, and nothing beats seeing it printed large. Don't just limit yourself to one type of paper or material. When I printed a proof of this image before sending it to the lab, it looked fine, but I was still not overly impressed. Seeing it on aluminum was a revelation. Take some of your best work and print it on aluminum, acrylic, wood...whatever! Experiment with different types of papers as well: Glossy, metallic, luster, matte, many more to choose from. Just don't let those files sit on a hard drive forever without spraying some ink! You will literally see your images in a new light!
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Thank you +Ronald Varley!
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Rob Dweck

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Preah Kahn, Cambodia

To finish the week of iPhone photos, here's one from the Preah Kahn Temple in Cambodia. I loved the pattern of the receding doorways with all of the detailed carvings around them. I thought I wanted a shot without any people in it, but immediately changed my mind when this person entered the frame with the light from behind making them a silhouette. Something about the hat and the ancient temple reminded me of something from an Indiana Jones movie.
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Rob Dweck

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It's not very often that I post something not photography related, but I received a wonderful gift this week that I'd like to share with you. Going back over 15 years, before I had any clue about apertures and ISO, I was making a living in the clubs and recording studios of New York. I was fortunate to work with some incredible musicians and artists and make some great music. 

While teaching in a Manhattan music school, I met Mary Ellen. I don't remember exactly how our collaboration started (I can't even remember what I had for breakfast today, so remembering the details from 15 years ago is a real stretch), but I do remember when I first heard her sing how I was struck by the uniqueness of her voice. With so many copycat singers doing over the top vocal acrobatics, her unaffected, straight ahead delivery was refreshingly original. 

When she asked me to produce her mini-CD, I jumped at the chance to work with her. We polished up four of her songs and hired some of the best musicians I know to really make them shine. The result was one of the most satisfying experiences of my roller coaster career as a musician - a CD called Hope. Due to a number of circumstances, the CD never gained wide release and the world was denied the opportunity to hear Mary Ellen sing.

That all changed this week when I received a text from Mary Ellen saying she had a surprise for me. We spoke and she told me that after all these years, and some occasional persuasion from yours truly, the CD is now available on CD Baby and iTunes. To top it off, she was remixing a song we recorded that didn't make it onto the CD. 

I've received many great gifts that I'll treasure, and this ranks among the best of them. We put in long hours making this music and it's no longer just sitting in boxes in a closet. One of the reasons I share my photography here is because I believe that art is meant to be shared, not covered up in a warehouse somewhere. It's a thrill to share Mary Ellen's music with you today. If you're looking for something new to listen to, here are links to the CD on CD Baby and iTunes.

Hoping that all of the gifts you receive warm your heart as this one did mine. Happy holidays and a spectacular 2014 to you.
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Thank you +Bob Bowman! 
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Shake the Loneliness and Shine the Light
Golden Gate National Recreation Area, California, USA

This is a spot I've become quite familiar with in the last few years as I repeatedly attempt to get the shot I've had in my mind. I still haven't gotten the shot, but over the years I have made some that I like. The conditions seemed right on this day - cloudy sky and low (But not too low) tide - but it didn't come together the way I pictured it. 

I'll probably continue to return here until I get it right. Until then, I'll keep sharing the consolation prizes as long as they keep turning out like this.

For #LongExposureThursday  +LongExposure Thursday by +Francesco Gola and +Luca Gerardi 
#ThirstyThursdayPics  by +Mark Esguerra and +Giuseppe Basile 
#GoldenGateBridge   #NikCollection  
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Thank you for the honor +ShowYourBestWork - Weekly Highlights! 
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The Last Ride (Color Version)
Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

A few months ago I shared a black & white version of this image and mentioned that I had done one in color as well. It didn't take long to realize that the color version needed more editing...a lot more editing. I ultimately took it in a very different direction than I originally intended and after several months, it's finally done.

The original color version wasn't as dark and contrasty, and definitely less, hmmm...there's no other way to say it, less colorful. When I got clear on the mood I wanted to convey, it was just a matter of some experimentation with the colors and contrasts, and then fine tuning everything.

It was the fine tuning that took the longest. Making small adjustments and coming back a few days or a week later to see if it worked. Making a few more small adjustments and then a few more. It's possible that next week I'll decide that more adjustments are needed, but for now I think it's cooked.

For  #MountainMonday  +Mountain Monday  by +Michael Russell 
#NatureMonday  by +Rolf Hicker 
#MirrorMonday    #MirrorsandReflections  +Mirrors and Reflections by +Gemma Costa 
#NationalParksMonday  by +Juan Pons 
#Landscapephotography +Landscape Photography +Landscape Photography Show by +Margaret Tompkins +Carra Riley +Jim Warthman +Kevin Rowe +Johan Peijnenburg +David Heath Williams +Tom Hierl +Carolyn Lim +Tom Sloan +Howard L. Smith +Kai Kosonen +Tony Heyward +Sheila B. DuBois +Sandra Brown +Vishal Kumar
#nikcollection   #madewithwacom  
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Rob Dweck

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"But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?"
-Camus (via Guy Tal)

If you're not reading +Guy Tal's blog on a regular basis, you're missing out on a treasure trove of honest and insightful writing from a photographer whose words are as moving as his images.
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+Rob Dweck I know! What were they thinking? : )
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Rob Dweck

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Hue, Vietnam

Điện Thái Hoà is one of the small number of buildings still standing in the old Imperial City in Hue. Most of the historical structures in the walled city were destroyed by heavy bombing in 1968. The area was designated a UNESCO heritage site 20 years ago and is slowly being restored.

Another iPhone snap as the week of iPhone shots from Vietnam continues...
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Thanks +Swee Oh!
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