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Rob Dunlavey
artist and illustrator of children's books
artist and illustrator of children's books

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Big Birds
Despite the snow and ice ( and my winter aches and pains ), the birds are more getting active as the days grow longer. There is singing and territorial intrigues in the bushes and undergrowth. Hawks and falcons are lingering within striking distance of bird...

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"BIRDS …and Other People" painting exhibit
Hurry! Hurry! I'm having an exhibit and it's all about BIRDS. INFO HERE 32 paintings and drawings and four display cases that detail the entire creative process of illustrating picture books. I also published a show catalog with extremely high-falutin and e...

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Florida memories
As a major winter storm settles in here in Natick today, it's hard to imagine that I spent three days last week on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida.  I tried to do as little as possible but I did enjoy drawing the ocean and reading "SPQR" by Mary Beard. ...

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Two Swans
A pair of swans have been loitering around the river the past few weeks. It's nice to see them. They are not the nicest neighbors but they are lovely to look at and in these winter days, they tend to mind their own business. I saw one this morning that atta...

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Miasma, Yourasma, Ourasma, oh my!
As the miasma moves into town and settles in, it's okay to catch up on your reading and focus on other things. But that miasma… Keep an eye on it and batten the hatches! detail 01-11-17 watercolor, ink, charcoal

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Colder and Cold
The week started out very very cold. I drew quickly and the animals were coping as best they could. Then it rained and became less cold. The ice retreated a bit. A pair of swans poked around the dam and I spied an otter (I hadn't seen them in a while) sally...

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Driftwood 01-7-16 Mergansers 01-07-17 Ducks feeding 01-08-17 Ducks in the river 01-08-17

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Shhhhh… Getting a better look Reading a good book

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Turn of the Year
12-24-16-island 12-27-16-dam 01-02-17-island 01-03-17-ice 01-04-17-arch 01-04-17-river 01-06-17-bridge 01-06-17-balustrade

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Crystal Cities
Here are a few recent additions to my "Crystal Cities" series of paintings. I think these go under the broad heading: what I draw when I don't know what to to draw (which is about 99% of the time). 12-27-16 watercolor, charcoal, chalk 12-28-16 watercolor, i...
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