This is an odd hack. Unlike the more usual "here is how you do a thing in a game", this is a little bit more "Here is a slightly different emphasis that is closer to what I enjoy." It is, if anything, a statement of opinion.

It is also, i should add, self-indulgent. It is explicitly "This is a thing I do not have in Blades whose absence I feel keenly because it's something I really jam on" but not a "Blades is broken". See, Blades as Blades absolutely makes sense without these rules. It has a particular emphasis in mind, and these are nto part of it. But they're something that I really want, both as a GM and as player.

Also, I needed to come up with these rules for my Blades/Persona game (where they're actually a little more involved), so there's no reason to let them go to waste. :)
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