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I have been exposed to an idea that seems well worth tossing in Evernote: the list of lessons I don't want to have to learn again.

So what's on your list?

(Credit to Matt Homan for this one!/matthomann )
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Don't take a job just because you can do it. Take it because you want to do it.
What you want is not necessarily the same thing as what will make you happy.
You should probably be lifting heavy things.
That's actually one of the things I use Evernote for the most - lessons I've learned or to document a solution to an issue I've encountered. It's nice having your own knowledge base to go to first.
Staying in good shape is sooooo much easier than getting in good shape. This insight has applications beyond physical conditioning.
I really like this thought exercise. The one that immediately comes to mind -

Don't run in old shoes.
My advice for myself: Handcuff yourself to the table in the doctor's office, until they damn well figure out what the hell is wrong. Enough with the brush-offs. How the hell do you miss something ten centimeters across that isn't supposed to be there?
Never put oil in a cold pan when you're cooking.
Advanced Quantum Mechanics; Rings, Groups and Fields... Hang it all, can I include all my mathematical physics and pure mathematics lectures here as lessons I never want to learn again. "Dammit Jim, I'm an experimentalist!"
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