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Every time I see an article like this (and I see them a lot) it fills me with sadness.

It makes me sad for a couple of reasons, the first being that it just underscores how little people paid attention in school. (or have forgotten) The story of Eratosthenes, for instance, is taught at least twice in high school: once in science class, and once in geometry. It's a basic use case for both the position of the sun relative to the surface of the earth, and how to best compute the circumference of a sphere.

The second reason is that these articles are usually presented as either "Look at this brand new thing that we just discovered about old timey stuff!" or, even more depressingly, "Look! Someone was smart back when people were stupid!" The assumption that, just because there were no smartphones, game stations or cars 500, 1000 or 5000 years ago that the human mind must have been small and unsophisticated is maddening.

Thank you #businessinsider for once again stooping to click bait.

#science #scienceeducation

How Eratosthenes calculated the Earth's circumference - Business Insider
VIDEO: An Ancient Greek mathematician calculated the Earth's circumference without ever leaving home.
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Rob DeMillo

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This is brilliant. Sad and depressing, but brilliant. Kudos @thedailyshow - #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain 
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Rob DeMillo

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John Oliver finally, finally set his sights on Donald Trump, giving us the best 22 minutes of television in a very, very long time.

An author wondered whether "Trump could have had the same success with any other name." Oliver wants to find out.
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Rob DeMillo

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Hoping this will make it thru to someone at Contacts+ --- there's no email address on their website.

I have been a Contacts+ user for quite a while - I found it very useful and the interface was convenient.

A few years ago I bought a Sony Xperia Z2, and after transferring my apps to this new phone, I immediately began to experience problems with regards to slow performance on the phone and screen freezes/lockups lasting 1-3 seconds.

I chalked this up to the Sony implementation of Android - so I rooted that phone and put Ressurection Remix (an open source android variant) on the device. All of the problems went away.

In December of 2015, I bought myself the newest Xperia, the Sony Xperia Z5. After transferring everything over (can you see where this is heading?) I, once again, experienced lag on the OS, stuttering screens, and freezes/lockups lasting 1-3 seconds.

This time I didn't just want to bail on the Sony OS (android version 5.1.1), especially since (a) I had this problem before and (b) no one else on the internet was reporting this issue. I downloaded a few apps to monitor CPU usage and internet usage... top of the charts? Contacts+

After deleting Contacts+, clearing the cache and rebooting...voila: zero lag, no stutter, and the screen is as smooth as butter.

It's important to note that I never had these issues on any of my Nexus devices with Contacts+. Conclusion: There is something about Contacts+ and the Sony implementation of Android that seriously hate each other.... more Contacts+ for me until they figure out the issue. The Xperia is too nice a phone to abandon, and the Sony implementation of Android is really quite nice.

Sorry guys....I'm bailing for a while...
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Hi, thanks for the response. Believe it or not, I've actually done all of this in the past, and it doesn't seem to do any good.

I really think you guys need to get a hold of an xperia and check it out yourselves. It happens without fail on both the xperia z5 and the z2. (does not seem to happen on my xperia z3 tablet, however). There is some interaction with the Sony Android build that contacts+ is pretty Cranky about.

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Rob DeMillo

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Seoul, South Korea (PRWEB) December 12, 2015 -- Over 2,300 Registered for SparkLabs’ Sixth Demo Day in Seoul with Attendees from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Throughout Asia.
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Rob DeMillo

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This is the most fascinating explanation I've heard to date for Fermi's paradox. (although I'm still going with the "because the universe is gigantic" theory ;) )

"Encryption might be the reason we've never heard from aliens, says Snowden"

#fermisparadox #exobiology #encryption #space #aliens 
Edward Snowden thinks he might have an answer to the Fermi paradox — the cosmological puzzle of why, given that the universe is so very old and so very big, we haven't heard from any aliens yet....
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Rob DeMillo

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Receiving my #marshmallow update for my Asian-import unlocked #Sony #Xperia z5 E6653. #twt #android 
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Rob DeMillo

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Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves, Proving Einstein Right #twt #astrophysics #cosmology #blackhole #einstein 
Scientists say they heard the faint chirp of two black holes colliding a billion light-years away, fulfilling Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
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Rob DeMillo

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This is pretty amazing, and a long overdue use of this technology. I am sure this is going to come as a rude shock to everyone up on stage.... Candidates can't just make s**t up on the spot and hope no one noticed (or forgets days later when they are called on it) any longer.....

If you’ve watched the presidential debates and wished that you could quickly fact check the candidates’ statements, Google has you covered. Search results will now float candidates’ own words and quotes, right next to information on how to watch and keep up with what they’re saying now.
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Rob DeMillo

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While I sympathize with the general thesis I still believe that a universal
micropayment system for content (HELLO PAYPAL... ARE YOU LISTENING???)
would serve the public far better than the ads currently littering most
internet information content these days. The ads frequently make the pages
very slow to load - especially on mobile, as well as extremely difficult to
read (as the content jumps around all over the place to make room for the
incoming dynamic ads) and generally do very little but annoy the consumer.
I realize that advertisers are desperate to engage internet users in some
way that actually gets their attention, but getting someone's attention by
running up to them and punching them in the dick is just effective enough
to make them angry. If advertisers can't self police and present their
content in a way that isn't effectively a lot of dick punching - well...
those chickens are coming home to roost now, so I guess we'll see what
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Rob DeMillo

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The BBC is launching an American streaming service next year
If everything goes according to plan for the BBC, millions of Americans could be paying to watch exclusive TV series and movies as soon as next year. The British broadcasting giant is working on...
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God save the Queen. 
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