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Rob Cubbon
I like to create things
I like to create things


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Not sure if this'll interest you guys but more Amazon book publishing best practices plus I show you how to make money with notebooks.

Anyone heard of ?

Their website looks quite good with quite good traffic, no idea how big their school is.

But they're asking for a one-off price for the copyright of some of my courses. The thing is, these courses are all quite old.

Contented to see your response. We are interested in your number of courses. We want to purchase the copyrights of your following courses.

Photoshop: Practical Graphic and Web Design & Freelance Mastery
Create A Custom Responsive WordPress Website For A Client
Designing A Website in Photoshop, Illustrator (& GIMP)
Create a Responsive Business Website with WordPress
WordPress Security: Secure & Lock Down Your Site Against Hackers!
WordPress Beginner: Learn Website Creation & Web Design With No Coding

We wish to purchase the full access of your aforementioned courses. I request you to please quote the best possible prices to proceed further.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Andrew Cox
Customer Success Manager, EH Academy

What do you think?

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Hello genii, a good update on my new publishing business and how you can get into it:

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Hey guys, long time. I don't know if this interests you but I've been enjoying two new businesses recently, Merch by Amazon and selling paperback books on CreateSpace. Both have been doing quite well recently. Here's a video where I talk about it.

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Reflections on life after losing a friend.
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Has anybody heard about this?

Miguel Hernandez is a really good guy. Join Udemy way back and was one of the top earners there. Watching this video about his new thing left me with more questions.

Do you "teach" live on FB chat?

I don't know. Apparently Phil Ebiner is signed up for it. Any thoughts?

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Hey guys, please forgive me for using the expression "living the dream"
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