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Running Luna currently, and wondering how to upgrade. Upgrade manager tells me that there are no updates.

Is there a command I can type in terminal to upgrade or do I have to download the iso?

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+Linus Bobcat it’s theoretically possible, but we haven’t nailed down a 100% reliable, pain-free experience yet.
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Rob Brown

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Hi folks, on this episode you were mentioning the use of WD Green drives in a Drobo. After listening to the Mac Geek Gab podcast #507 I would highly recommend NOT using these drives. Fast forward to 23 minutes and have a good listen! They give a really good description of why these drives can 'fail'.

They don't really fail, but get black listed by the Drobo when the drive (not the Drobo) finds a bad block. The green drives take a lot of time to do this and when the Drobo doesn't hear back it gets blacklisted, you see the red light and you're done.

Anyway, try WD red drives instead... and checkout Mac Geek Gab for some great tech tips.

(end of advice)

Personally I have moved away from Drobo. While my 1st gen unit is still chugging along, the desktop software is no longer working and Drobo has dropped OS support for it. I am now using Open ZFS instead for storage with redundant disks that helps to prevent silent 'bit rot' but in a more open way to Drobo or Synology etc. One of the cool things is that you can throw the drives in any enclosure that supports JBOD (just a bunch of disks) or your old Mac Pro and voila! Even cooler is that if your enclosure dies you just plug the disks into a completely different enclosure and you get access to your data. ZFS has been around for years as a file system. Drawbacks:
- A little geeky and you have to use the terminal to do the creation of 'storage pools' with just a few commands.
- Doesn't support spotlight, but they are working on that.
- Doesn't support 'case sensitivity' yet. You probably couldn't install your Lightroom or Aperture library on it, but for referenced images it is a great option. You also cannot use it for your Time Machine.
- Not as plug and play as a Drobo or Synology but for the geeks of you out there well worth a look if you know how to read a Wiki and put 2+2 together. Certainly way better than standard HFS+ in a RAID.
Adobe Creative Cloud 2014, Flickr kills Facebook & Google integration, Amazon's smartphone, and an interview with Serge Ramelli & Valérie Jardin.
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Rob Brown

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Japan Camera Hunter. Find the camera of your dreams. Home · Shop · Cart · Checkout · Whats in Your Bag? Find me a Camera · Cameras for sale · About · Contact. Why does Fujifilm hate its customers? Pos...
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