Day 1 Impressions of RCS in Google Messenger

Since Rogers Wireless rolled out RCS to my phone, I wasted little time in testing out the new "Enhanced Messaging" features which were enabled for my phone.

* The addition to seeing if your text has been delivered and read by the recipient is great. Along with this, you can see a typing indicator from who are you texting with. These are a couple of basic needs these days to any messaging app/service

* In an RCS group chat, the Read indicator actually states who has read it, such as how it is done in Hangouts

* You can now send voice notes

* Location sharing appears the same way as it would if sent via SMS. Google Messenger just shows the URL and a small map preview. RCS looks no different.

* As with iMessage, if you text someone who doesn't have RCS, or, if you're texting someone with RCS, but RCS fails, it will fall back to SMS seamlessly.

* In addition to the above point - two people are having issues at this time with using RCS consistently. I could not add them to an RCS group chat. Instead, when I added their names to the list, Google Messenger wanted to make an MMS group chat instead. Removing their names allowed for an RCS group chat.

* Group chats can be named

* Group chats allows you to change the colour of each person in the chat. Only you see these changes though.

* (Google Messenger + RCS) > Allo in my opinion

* Edit: More-so to do with Google Messenger than RCS, but, GIFs play on my Android Wear device when using Conversation View. Sick!

How about you? Do you have RCS yet? Are you using it?

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