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Burkzerker B.

Is a virus. I repeat. It's a virus. do not install +Larry Page +Sergey Brin
created a well intentioned app yet you cannot uninstall it as it appropriates you childs gmail address and therefore services. The app allows you to put RATED MATURE and unrestricted violence language and sex on your childs phone.
SEEM ODD? Well it is. I've never seen a worse functioning app. Seems like the developers themselves don't have children or never really beta tested this before unleashing this out in the real world for damage. Unlike the useful apps before this one deserves the #googleGraveyard as it affects the most vulnerable population.
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+Google News Lab butchers +Google's search engine or omits it completely in favor of a +Reader's Digest style news where they feed you stories that they want to show.
Try any search in the search bar of something historic, monumental, newsworthy which didn't occur in the last 3 weeks. Google has eliminated any ability to find any information in news articles regarding any activities.
Who needs book burning when you have google simply eliminating history at will.
This is very short sighted and to their own demise. The developers assume all that users are interested in on this news site is fluid graphic transitions.... instead of actual news.
Bravo #googlegraveyard is filling fast someone must have it in for google news at this point because it's ringing its death knell.
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+Google once again took everything that makes google powerful (Search, speed, repeatable results) and destroyed it with Google news update. If you are a goldfish, have no need to look at the news of a specific date. than this is for you. Google decided in its wisdom to eliminate any ability for users to check #fakenews or to do any research in terms of news and sources. Their query tools for searching by custom date, searching cached websites and articles, have been removed. In this era? really #google ? #fail
Why is it needed? Well if you're going to search the supreme court case of a #muslimgirl who was banned from shopping in my local store in 2009 and get an update on the #scotus #SupremeCourt case... there is no way to do so in google news search. they've hobbled any of the technologies that makes google google. What is left is an algorithm which shovels crap to the surface. (crap that Anand Paka, news manager, wants you to believe is important. The most important thing (google managers are you writing this down......????) is user ability to conduct a search. You take that away and you've just re created aol news or aol before ali baba.
Google news....another #googleGraveyard contender thanks to the new management.
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