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I've seen some really bad entries selected, RTs, people saying they don't even want Glass and people that are already explorers. #RandomSelection
(I wonder how many are wasted on existing explorers and if they will repurpose those)
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They aren't getting two pairs. 
+Afonso Salcedo that's for the ones that enter the contest. The others are not required to go to those events. Though nothing has been said to the people waiting all year
+Afonso Salcedo I am #io12  attendee so I just wait for it in front of my door. :) and actually it would be fun if lots explorers gathering in NY/LA/SF and have a huge party :D if i could have an opinion to pick it up in NY isnt a bad idea  
Apparently I have been approved. I'll have to check the details. Wondering if they come with an NDA?
It is unlikely that the Explorers will have any kind of NDA. A. There will be roughly 10,000 people and B. They want us using them in public and getting the device attention
What about a co-op situation? I want to develop Glass apps, but also wouldn't mind spreading the use and goodness across a couple of developers who can be productive when I am not using them for my development. I would want to possibly share the lawnmower with my neighbors? 
These were concerns for me too. I assume Google will weed out the duplicates and the folks who were joking wouldn't drop the money, essentially weeding themselves out.
+Jennifer Levine they aren't selecting 8000 to buy, they are selecting 8000 to have the ability to buy. They don't plan on all 8000 buying. So you will end up with 10,000 Explorers and maybe 5000 that buy Glass
Ohhh +Jann Van Hamersveld you are soooo lucky!!! I really hope the selection process isn't random :( congrats everyone....just wishin and hopin over here!
I also think the jury wasn't the way they selected them. Perhaps their algorithm got away from them?
Yeah I figured since I am already part of the program (I/O 12 Explorer), Google would ignore my application. Wonder if they will let me buy two now that I got accepted for #ifihadglassXD   jk of course
+Terrill Corletto They have already made their selections. Just sit back and wait. (Also, they probably aren't reading tags right now, they seem really busy and tons of people are tagging them)
+Rob Aymett I really hope it's not random dude! We still have hope! I'm sure the explorers will be great!
No. I believe I have a very strong use case. I want to help people use the world of things more effectively. I am thinking about augmented data as a use-case. There is a lot of locked up knowledge out there based on copyright. If you could allow people to have easy access to that knowledge while being able to use it efficiently based on a relational license between information a device and a person you make that person more effective at performing their task.
Clearly the difference between #io12explorers  and #ifihadglassexplorers  is the former are developers and the latter Google wants to get into the hands of regular people as well. It's not really our place to judge good or bad (though I agree, I've seen some crappy submissions IMO) it's Google's.

That said, +Rob Aymett I'm seriously disappointed, almost disgusted, that a #io12  Explorer (not a attende who didn't sign up) would take a slot from someone else; my wife didn't apply for #ifihadglass  because we knew one would already be arriving. 
Re judging, I'm not judging anyone's actual ideas, I'm talking about the "I don't want this" or "if I had it I would sell it" or "if I had glass i would be poorer" type posts, the ones where people weren't trying to win.

Regarding my friend, he just saw the hashtag and posted what he would (will) do, not knowing what was going on. When I explained that we were good and didn't have to enter a contest, we both had a laugh on the post and forgot all about it until they commented and "selected" him.
Well I know it was random selection, but I am super stoke about being chosen.  I can't wait to get them, I am giddy like a school girl right now!
Good to know it was a honest mistake, I'd hate to have to shatter someone's GRID at #io13. I think we're effectively on the same page about "bad" entries. There's probably just a combination of random, hotword and maybe a dart game involved in selection. However it works out it's a good thing to get Glass out there on the heads of real people. 
+Marty Ballard while ur submission was a bit cornball...I have decided that the selections aren't random. Clearly you work in the tech field and will do great things with Glass. A bitter congratulations to you :) lol
Take solace perhaps +Terrill Corletto in that the consumer version should be significantly less expensive and according to +Sergey Brin theoretically available later this year?
+Marty Ballard...cornball, in the best sense of the word. And a no longer bitter, Thanks to you!! Can't wait to see what u come up with!!!!
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