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Road Safety Educators, Australia
5 Star Driver Education Programs. Graduated Education System (GES) Guaranteed to significantly reduce crash risks globally
5 Star Driver Education Programs. Graduated Education System (GES) Guaranteed to significantly reduce crash risks globally


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idrivesafety what might happen next
subject position on road-module 12
subject traffic lights-module 22

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subject position on road- module 12
subject traffic lights- module 22
solutions @idrivesafety

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Sir jackie Stewart.what a privilege to meet and hear such a man, dementia is on the radar when you have this man driving research.

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Same problem different location and some may even say different language
#idrivesafety #roadsafetyeducators #visionzero #vdrivesafe
Same solution ,,,,,,

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Life changing driver education Tailored to Indian cities with Dr Ray Shuey.
A case for optimism (victor Perton) I was humbled by the knowledge and understanding this learned group has in road safety. Globally we all seek solutions that work in our town.
Same problem different language and location.
Thanks to #austrade #enterprisegeelong #christinecouzens #visionzero #australia #idrivesafety #roadsafetyeducators

Life changing driver education Chennai style. Honored to have the opportunity with dr ray shuey
@idrivesafety @visionzero
#austrade #australia #geelong #enterprisegeelong @geelongchamberofcommerce

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This is not backed by valid research.
1-Anxiety is far more complex than this simplistic statement that shows no understanding.
“yelled at you for looking at the gear stick that one time doesn’t mean that other teachers will as well“
2- globall research shows that this statement in incorrect and at times can increase crash risks
“Using a driving school when first learning how to drive is a wise idea”
3- research shows parents are often far better at creating safe p platers than instructors
“Getting taught by a family member can be stressful and a lot of the time is just not as effective as it could be”
4- all media posted by instructors focuses on cheap, quick, easy, nil safety, cucciculum or high training program research,
“each student so you know that your instructor sees you as a real person and not another pay check”
5- this is the problem not the solution, didactic authoritian placing driviers in the passive consumer mode that stops learning from being learnt- the cause of crashes. What we need is active participants ....
“For many people the reason they don’t have their license is due to a fear of the road. The use of AMS’s dual action car helps overcome that fear. Knowing if something were to go wrong or if you need a demonstration, your instructor can easily show you and help you out in any way from their own set of pedals”

I could keep going but yo u can get the drift that this is not going to reduce crash rates. Lets stop driving instruction from thinking they actually train safe road user interaction..
Best in Australia
Best in Australia

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On behalf of drivers and all road users. THANK YOU
Now lets lobby #vicgov to do This in #victoria
How many times a day are we the road users driving at 40kph for miles before a 50mt road work zone with a person patching one pot hole with 2 trucks telling us to move lanes and another truck holding all the signs, wasting taxpayers money and our time...
Congrats to #SA gov.
Report your #fakeroadwork to #vicgov

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Old Cars Are Killing Australians - Gizmodo Australia
AAA in this entire report do not mention driver education as item that can save lives even though AAA bodies are the greatest provider of driving instruction. Perhaps they know that driving instruction provided by their member organizations is as research shows a causation not a solution. Time for change from top down ?

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This advice will sell insurance and increase your crash risks, don’t do either.
Change the paradigm and coach your siblings to manage risk whilst interacting with other road users.
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