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Driver caught on dashcam throwing Rolo wrapper from car window given £80 fine
A driver has had an £80 fine handed out to them after being caught throwing a Rolo wrapper out of their car window in Somerset. Another motorist reported the litterer after the incident, was captured on their dashcam.  The driver handed the film footage to ...

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Dashcam footage helps to catch burglars
Two burglars in Mansfield have been sentenced for a combined total
of more than eight years after dashcam footage helped secure the
conviction. 37 year old Sefton Brown, formerly of David Street in
Kirkby-in-Ashfield and 36 year old John Shaw from Mansfi...

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Car Left For MOT was Caught Speeding in Dashcam Footage
Vertu Motors has apologised after a staff member was caught speeding by the dashcam in a customers car. Aguri DX10 - Popular Dash Cam Andrew Siggens complained when his Nissan Juke’s camera
showed a Bristol Street Motors’ staff member allegedly travelling ...

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Woman drives along casually with a tree embedded in her bonnet
I was sure that this one was going to be some kind of a joke, It had to be a picture of a car crashed in to a 15ft tree - stationary and not going anywhere, especially this size.  Well i've watched the video and I can confirm that this woman did indeed mana...

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Dangerous driver is first to be jailed by dashcam footage after motorist video of his reckless overtaking
James Stocks, 24, of Cheshire has become the first person in the UK to be jailed by dashcam
footage after a video showing his reckless overtaking move that forced a
Ford Transit van off the road was posted online. Mr Stocks was handed an eight-month sente...

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James Stocks, 24, of Cheshire, jailed for 8 months for dangerous driving. He was caught performing two reckless overtakes on the A495 in Shropshire. The original video footage was posted on website of road campaigners PoliceWitness

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New Variant of 'Crash-For-Cash' Scam On Britain's Roads
Insurers are warning about a new variation of so-called 'crash-for-cash' motor scam. Crash-for-cash is a relatively well-known scam, in which a fraudster
will slam on their brakes unexpectedly, causing the car behind to
collide into them. (some will even ...

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Some great examples of why you should get a dash cam
Some great examples of why you should get a dash cam on here. Footage is from UK dash cameras including insurance scam attempts and a runaway lorry.

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Dash cam saves the day providing evidence of blame in caravan crash
Another instance where a dash cam saves the day providing evidence of
blame. Here a caravan driver tries to push in the front of a long queue
of traffic and causes a collision. Footage owner is Mark Hazell.

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Some of these near misses caught on dash cam are unbelievable!
BAD LANGUAGE WARNING! although im sure if some of you had these near misses that you would be using some of these "choice" words too ;)
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