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Take your place at the first webinar (UPD: Link to the topic added)

Dear rizzomians,

On July 11, we are going to present and discuss a new Rizzoma Guide and get feedback from users

Vladimir, Simon and Sasha will direct the webinar and answer to users' questions.

All our users form different continents (Europe, America, Asia). We try to choose the most appropriate time for you. However, if this time in not convinient for you, please leave your suggestions. Now we offer this time of the webinar and we are ready to discuss it. 

The webinar will start on Wednesday, July 11:
New York at 1 PM
Moscow at 21:00
Paris at 19:00

If you are ready to take a part in the webinar, please leave a comment below.
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IMHO you should use the Google+ "Events" feature to plan your Webinar: • it automatically converts time in the reader local timezone • the "Are you going?" dropdown button allow users to chose yes / no / maybe • Users who choose yes or maybe automatically get the Event added to their Google Calendar.
Did you get vc recently? we want using rizzoma as our cooperation platform,but if no capital support,we will worry about it...
+大碗  Right now we have money for 12 months development (revenue from other projects and Angel). I think we will find next round during six months. We already have several VC who are interested in our project. But we still didn't find the vc with related expertise.
Thanks. The is really better than wave except a little slow in China. We are the startup too, focus on human face recognition. Good luck!
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