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It's important to keep cool in the heat. Here are some suggestions and we would love to hear yours.

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Bringing up the idea of getting some help at home with our elderly parents can be difficult. Here are some suggestions and we would love to hear yours.

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*Home Care or Care Home*Need help making the choice? Here are some things to consider.

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Activities for the Elderly

Our suggestions for keeping fit and active.

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When Might Someone Need Home Care?

Many people wonder at which point does their loved one need some help to maintain their independence.

The signs can include things like:

• Reluctance to leave the house
• Losing interest in meals
• Declining personal hygiene
• Missed appointments and social engagements
• Difficulty getting up and walking around
• Household bills piling up
• Losing track of medications
• Confusion when performing once familiar tasks
• Poor housekeeping 

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It's Parkinson's awareness week in the UK so we thought we would help spread the word.

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Care Act 2015

The new care act has launched on April 1 with service users well being and standardisation in mind.

 In 2016, the final part of the care act will go into force which most importantly contains the "Care Cap" to limit costs.


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A lasting power of attorney gives you peace of mind that your health, wellbeing and financial affairs will be looked after, if you reach a point when you cannot make decisions for yourself.

We put together a brief explaination.

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This week we try to collect together some information about how to arrange care for your parents and where to look for more information.

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Care Plans Explained - Every care provider uses them, but what are they & how to they affect the care you receive?

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