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Oh god the Frozen soundtrack is FREE. Yas.
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Where'd your speech and debate skills go Rithvik o.o XD jk lol
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Rithvik Rao

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Breaking news 
A sizable coalition of technology companies has today taken a stand in favor of net neutrality in the form of a letter to the Federal Communications Commission. The group, led by giants including...
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+Rithvik Rao i sent you an hangout message but i think you can't see because i'm not in your circles :) please add me, i need to talk with you ;)
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Rithvik Rao

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*Checks app updates, sees items from three years ago*

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So true
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Rithvik Rao

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This. Is. Amazing.
I need this too! LOL via +Gord Birch III +Graham B 
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That is something I really am gonna need
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Hello Google+. I hear there are now polls here.

Does anyone actually still use Google+?
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im phillip whos jooseung?
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Rithvik Rao

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Android Wear is shaping up to be beautiful.

I wish I knew the original source of this, but I'm fairly sure everything here is from LG #GWatch files.
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Rithvik Rao

commented on a video on YouTube.
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God, this is amazing. No more annoying iPhone ringtone.

Rithvik Rao

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Can not agree more.
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Very true couz
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Rithvik Rao

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Thought 2048 was nerdy? Fe[26] adds chemistry to the mix.

If you're into chemistry/2048, this thing is amazing haha.

+Eric Han +Ashley Luk 
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So 515 is a beat...
Wow that was easy.
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Rithvik Rao

Shared publicly  - has launched and it is really cool.
We are very excited to be launching a website today, but we are even more excited about the improvements we'll be making to the site in the weeks and months to come.
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Rithvik Rao

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Put your geography skills to the test in the #GoogleMaps 'Earth from Above' topic on +QuizUp

Play #QuizUp  on your Android ( or iPhone (
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