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Someone messed up the release and has restricted the app to android 2.2 up to 2.3.7 (i.e. Froyo to Gingerbread). We can only wait for that to be fixed.
Worry if, instead, it says “You aren't compatible with this version.” ☺

Anyway. Checking my backup phone (which is running 2.3), yes, I see the update there. I've already made a backup of the current .apk and its data on my N4; I'll be checking this incompatibility claim (and seeing exactly what's changed) shortly…
I had just flashed a new ROM on my Nexus 7, thought I had screwed something up along the way. Glad to know it's not just me, although I hope they fix this sooner rather than later -_-
So what I'm understanding here is: Someone goofed, so until they fix it, people running 4.x.x (such as myself on SlimBean 4.2.2) can't get the update because it only "works" on Froyo and GB?!? Ohhhh, teh lulz!!! =,D
I just installed the 4.2 rom an g+ installed just fine here..
same here stupid google xD
Samsung Galaxy S+ CM10 from Invendor 
If you just installed a 4.2 ROM and you have G+, it's probably because the developer of your ROM baked it in, or because it was in your gapps package. I'm on the Play Store now and it says it is incompatible with my 4.2.2 device. I'm also trying to find news relating to this issue, but I'm not turning up anything yet... There are some reviews on the store reiterating the problem, too.
Yup, I have the exact same message on mine
Ok why did I get the new play music? The service is not even available here wtf google? 
I guess someone pressed the wrong button, judging from all the bad reviews on play XD
Maybe they plan on bringing it to you. You can also still use it as a music player.
I flashed a Rom on my Arnova 7G2, now running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and have installed Google+
It is genuinely incompatible.

The build which is installed (and working) on my backup phone fails to start up on my N4. It throws an exception:

ComponentInfo{}: java.lang.ClassCastException: android.widget.EditText cannot be cast to android.widget.SearchView
E/AndroidRuntime( 8254): at
eddie H
This happened with my my gs2. I removed root and went to stock and was able to down. Same thing on my gs4.. Something with rooting prevents some installs 
If you have a 4+ device and are able to install Google+, you're getting the version that all of us already have. You aren't getting the new version. You can have multiple versions of apks in the store for multiple devices. 
I laughed when I realized what the problem was. Good job Google!
+Ritesh Tripathy yep. Earlier today i flashed the new rom so i installed everything from scratch. I looked now again and i dont have an update link on play, so i guess it was the latest version already.
Maybe the fluke happened sometime after the distribution and i was just lucky enough to get it on time..
same here, i think that as hangouts has replaced talk, but not only talk it has also replaced google messenger, google messenger is also not avail. on google plus, i think google is working on google plus which runs with hangouts as messenger !!!!
Google is working on merging Google+ Messaging chat logs to Hangouts.
The latest Google+ only runs on Android 4.2
I seems to be fixed. I just got my update on 4.2.2 after having the same issue earlier.
this is the biggest problem for android tablets and phones!
Sam M
Works with 10.1!!
yep, work on CM10.1 Gs2 
CyanogenMod is the best ^^ 
It still doesn't show up on my phone but I managed to push it from the web and it updated just fine.
What will really piss you off is that when the app does update, you still won't be able to swipe from the side to pull out the menu.
I've noticed the new Hangouts app conflicts with the Google+ Messenger app, so hopefully this update will at least fix that.
Will Hangouts eventually eat Messenger too? Om nom nom nom nom... good.
Seems like Messenger should be obsolete now.
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