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Pharmacist, Tech Journalist, Freelance Editor
Pharmacist, Tech Journalist, Freelance Editor


How on earth has +Google+ not fixed the issue where you get invited to events by random strangers? And why isn't there a setting to disable that anywhere that I can find?
cc +Artem Russakovskii, you know this platform, how do you deal with it?

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Achievement unlocked: write an Android Police article about WhatsApp where most of the comments aren't about Telegram. (The fact that they were about my status and shades is a happy coincidence.)

After using Money Lover for several months, here's my wishlist:

1. Search across all wallets. I want to be able to find a location, a friend, or a specific note across all my wallets, not individually in each one.
2. Reorder wallets. The order they appear in right now is weird and there's no way to drag and drop my main wallet for example to the top.
3. More detailed total wallet. Right now nothing shows up in the total wallet, I know it's a bug. But when fixed, I'd also like to see trends and transactions across all of my wallets in the main currency of my choice.
4. Cross-wallet categories. If I'm creating a new category, why does it have to be confined to one wallet? I might pay it from Cash or Credit Card or some other wallet. Right now, I need to create the category separately for each wallet. I think it makes more sense to have one central list of categories for all wallets instead of a separate one for each.
5. Trends for people. How much did I pay for/with each person in my list?

Edit: 6. Showing all input fields by default when adding a transaction. I always tag the location of my payments so it's silly that with every transaction, I have to tap the screen to show the other fields.

I'm pretty sure there are a few more things I haven't thought about, but these are the ones that come to mind now.

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And I highly recommend you read it. I had tons of fun editing it because the Sci-Fi universe is quirky, the situations go from fast-paced action to deep thoughtfulness elegantly, and the characters are relatable while still being surprising. Michael did an awesome job with this one.
And here it is! Good Intentions: A Supervillain Story is now available on Amazon Kindle.

It's a novel about a man who becomes an accidental supervillain. It also has bad metaphysics, classical mythology references, kick-ass women of both virtuous and dubious nature, and a dog named Terry.

A big thank you goes out to +Rita El Khoury, who edited the entire thing with saintly patience.

If you could reshare this, I'd be very much obliged.

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That caption 😂
Disney: "We Donald want to support these games anymore. Winnie-d to remove them from the Store. Goofy-gure somethin' else to play."

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Level unlocked: get both my face and Kanye's face on Android Police's front page 😂

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That time when I faked an article into a BSOD and did such a good job that no one saw the article.

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I wrote this article about OnePlus a year ago, back when I was on AndroidBeat. I still stand behind every word in it (although +Artem Russakovskii​ made me break my vow and cover 1 or 2 OnePlus update stories on AP because other writers weren't available). I sighed of relief when I read +David Ruddock​'s editorial on OnePlus yesterday. Word.

That moment u prepare for a run & have:
- Garmin HR monitor on ur chest
- Fitbit One on ur sports bra
- G Watch R on ur left wrist
- Backbeat Fit on ur ears
- Amiigo & Garmin Vivoactive on ur right wrist
- Amiigo clip on ur shoes
No such thing as too many gadgets!
... Or is there?

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#G4Landed* G4 Launch in Istanbul - Part 1 - Quick thoughts*

There's little doubt that LG has a lot to ride on the success of its 2015 flagship. Following up after the positive feedback that the G2 and G3 garnered in previous years wasn't meant to be easy, especially when you look at the current landscape of the mobile market. 

When the G3 launched in 2014, it mainly had the Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S to compete against, the first being an iterative design and device in all aspects, and the second catering to a different clientele altogether (and still carrying the disadvantage of its smaller screen). In 2015, the G4 is launching in a very different market. Samsung surprised everyone - even itself, it seems - with a significantly improved Galaxy S6 (processor, storage, design, build quality, Android skin), and Apple went big, literally, with its iPhone 6 and 6Plus.

So when the competition is leaping forward, you have to do the same to keep your competitive edge, otherwise, even if you started ahead in the first place, you risk losing ground, getting caught, or worse yet, being left behind.

In the camera, the G4 manages to one-up the G3. In the display and battery life, it fixes the G3's issues. In the MicroSD and removable battery, by not changing anything, LG gets the bragging rights for what has now become a differentiating feature. And in the processor, LG is carrying the weight of Qualcomm's failure to produce a competitive high-end processor for this generation of high-end devices.

The G4, in my personal opinion, is LG's iterative revision of the G3. It's the equivalent of the "S" year for Apple. It takes a design and an execution that are tested and approved, and tries to slightly improve where it can. It's a recipe that already worked that is being used for the second time. But companies need these "break" years because there isn't enough time to develop an entirely new device and experience every 12 months. Besides, the novelties introduced need that extra year to be mature enough.

As badly needed as this iteration is, it's hard for hardcore Android users like us to be excited or impressed by what is essentially the second version of the same phone. But there are still upsides, and there are still cool little things here and there that manage to surprise us.

In the next few posts, I will share my personal hands-on impressions with the G4, a few photos taken by the device, and will compare it to the G3 side-by-side.
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