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Hi everybody!

Development of Rising Empires is progressing with good speed now. +Johan Norberg and I are focusing on finding and fixing as many fleet bugs as possible before we start the next beta test. There has been some problems getting parts of the fleet code correct, especially when showing embarking and disembarking armies in the turn report. Hopefully we'll get it working today as we know what needs to be fixed.

We've played 19 turns of our private test now and I recently colonised a new island by moving settlers from my capital with transports ships (see screenshot).

I'll see if I can build a castle on the island as well. Fleets are fun and I can imagine playing an island based empire would be an interesting challenge. All expansion would be based on transporting armies on the high seas. It do give a new dimension to the strategic decisions you need to do.

The first ships your empire will be able to build is different types of galleys. They are somewhat limited in their uses as they can't travel very far from the coast. Sailing ships, which comes after galleys, are free to travel as they please on the high seas. Movement cost when moving armies depend on what terrain the army enters, but movement cost when moving fleets depends on the weather and in which direction the wind blows...

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