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Rishabh Dangwal

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Download Kinect Virtual Dressing Room - Weekend project
It was getting hot at Doha, Qatar and I was thoroughly bored. And tired. Out of blue a creative request came by one of my seniors if I have worked on Unity 3D. Though I have some experience with game engines and modeling tools, i though it would be worth a ...
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Rishabh Dangwal

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Fortigate SSH Backdoor Password Calculator
Recently Fortinet confirmed there was a backdoor in their firewalls which impacted FortiGate OS Version 4.x -  5.0.7. An exploit was released in the wild but it took some efforts to work with (I am looking at you : paramiko/termios/msvcrt). So I ported the ...
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Rishabh Dangwal

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My time with Cisco EX90
Got my hands on Cisco EX90 (that was malfunctioning) & here is my impression of it - sucks balls. The box has poor support for rs232 , has a special cable provided separately (USB to serial) without which it won't jack up on console at all. Yes I tried ever...
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Give me your e-mail. I need that crack.
Just email me if you want to :
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Rishabh Dangwal

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Things that are odd -
Graphics are like PSP even if its made on unreal. Seriously.
Running/Walking animation is pretty jerky/bouncy and lacks the finesse of Megaman x.
The dash mechanic (airdash/normal dash) might be abused badly, they need to fine tune difficulty to make it a lot more challenging, as of now it looks pretty easy.

Rest action is smooth and Inafune San's signature direction is everywhere. Hope they will fix the things before they go gold.

Rishabh Dangwal

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Although his playstyle is completely different, yours is an extremely impressive one.

Rishabh Dangwal

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An Introduction to SwiftNET - An overview you always wanted
Due to recent onslaught of attacks on SWIFT network, I thought why not to release a small introduction on the same. Here it is then gentlemen -An Introduction to SwiftNET you always wanted. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible whilst ensuring the i...
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Rishabh Dangwal

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Layer 2 Security Issues and Their Mitigation
So, I have left Accenture and have joined the red team of a Big 4; & below is my first presentation which I have given there (redacted completely; obviously). Comments are very much welcome.
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I BET U R A "PRO-HACK"!!!!! HOWEVER, U NEVER GOT TO ME: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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Rishabh Dangwal

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The music that made the most of my childhood, and still makes the most of me today..

Rishabh Dangwal

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This was absolutely epic. Kratos rocks :D

Rishabh Dangwal

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An open letter to Pramit Jhaveri - Citibank India - No Resolution, Customer care sucks & they lie, a lot.
Dear Mr Pramit Jhaveri , Last October an incident happened with me , on a fuzzy evening I went to the nearest ATM near my home - Deutsche Bank ATM where I provided my card to my cousin who went inside ATM to take money as I was on a concall with my office &...
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Rishabh Dangwal

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Fantastic run, reminds me of Takeshi's run.
All rights reserved, All wrongs observed.
Simple and Cool guy having extremely low tolerance for bullshit. 

"All rights reserved, all wrongs observed."

Bragging rights
survived Btech, brought the whole network of college down as POC, learnt to cook chinese
  • Punjab Technical University
    Btech, 2007 - 2011
    nerd -> geek conversion. Had more waking hours than days to recon with, religion was HALO/CS/Retro games and bibles were Tanenbaum, Forouzan , Hopcroft & Ullman. Had heartbreaks, heart aches and pwned some pretty good folks (though they hate to admit it) . Never attended classes, had frequent bursts of geekdom. Created a side scroller as my semester project , a vnc client as my major project and a hobby OS inspired by MikeOS.
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2
    2005 - 2007
    I was the neighborhood geek back then, specialized in vbscripts , emulation and had frequent bursts of nerd rage.
  • S D Public School
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  • Tulip Telecom
    Security Analyst, 2011 - 2013
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