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Rishabh Dangwal
All rights reserved, All wrongs observed.
All rights reserved, All wrongs observed.

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Download Kinect Virtual Dressing Room - Weekend project
It was getting hot at Doha, Qatar and I was thoroughly bored. And tired. Out of blue a creative request came by one of my seniors if I have worked on Unity 3D. Though I have some experience with game engines and modeling tools, i though it would be worth a ...

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An Introduction to SwiftNET - An overview you always wanted
Due to recent onslaught of attacks on SWIFT network, I thought why not to release a small introduction on the same. Here it is then gentlemen -An Introduction to SwiftNET you always wanted. I have tried to keep it as simple as possible whilst ensuring the i...

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Fortigate SSH Backdoor Password Calculator
Recently Fortinet confirmed there was a backdoor in their firewalls which impacted FortiGate OS Version 4.x -  5.0.7. An exploit was released in the wild but it took some efforts to work with (I am looking at you : paramiko/termios/msvcrt). So I ported the ...

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Layer 2 Security Issues and Their Mitigation
So, I have left Accenture and have joined the red team of a Big 4; & below is my first presentation which I have given there (redacted completely; obviously). Comments are very much welcome.

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My time with Cisco EX90
Got my hands on Cisco EX90 (that was malfunctioning) & here is my impression of it - sucks balls. The box has poor support for rs232 , has a special cable provided separately (USB to serial) without which it won't jack up on console at all. Yes I tried ever...

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An open letter to Pramit Jhaveri - Citibank India - No Resolution, Customer care sucks & they lie, a lot.
Dear Mr Pramit Jhaveri , Last October an incident happened with me , on a fuzzy evening I went to the nearest ATM near my home - Deutsche Bank ATM where I provided my card to my cousin who went inside ATM to take money as I was on a concall with my office &...
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