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Angry Birds in Physics Exam :D
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Leste en artikkel om hvordan en skole brukte angry birds i fysikk timene for å finne ut hvilke natuelover som gjelder der og deretter avlede massen til fuglene. Mener å huske at g var vesentlif mindre enn 9.81
From the practical point of view knowing upfront <b>time of flight</b> doesn't make sense... except in exercise ;)
Oh, look! The birds are two meters in diameter. I never realized that on the small screen :-)
teach, is that ok if i get my smartphone for just a sec?
now another reason to play Angry birds in class... Because of your keen interest in physics
The answer cannot be determined. It is referring to a "red bird" and a "green pig". The image is in black and white. There is no red bird or green pig. There are gray birds and a gray pig hahaha
+Chris Payne funny! I laughed my butt off. My version:
"There is no possible answer for this question, because not all needed information is provided. The question mentions red birds and green pigs, but there are no red birds or green pigs, the image is black and white.
Trust me, I'm a scientist"

It is easier to play the shot than to calculate the angle
Sir, believe me, I don't need to know what the elevation angle and initial velocity would be to get that sleazy pig down..
Even though you can't answer this question, you can still hit the pig!!
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what abt the eggs it will be another harder example :D:D:D:D:D really amazing example.

Vox=22 [m/s]
I'm not solving this problem. Why can't the birds get along with the pigs?!
Y yo que juego sin cacular distancias ni resolver problemas de fisica..... claro que haciendo antes un calculo de fisica mataria a todos los cerdos sin repetir tres o mas veces el mismo nivel.... :P
Aimee W
Seriously funny! Thanks for sharing!
haha it seems an IIT practice test....
So who was allowed their phone in the exam then? lol
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